Streetalk April 13 2005

How’s the new food at the ballpark?

Kimberly: I had the barbecue and it’s very good. Tastes like homemade. It’s tender and the sauce is very tangy. I have eaten here before and it wasn’t very good. This is a lot better. The cole slaw was really good. It’s very thick. Beans were good, too. They’re seasoned, not overcooked or falling apart. Everything’s an improvement. And the service was very courteous.

Eddie: I’ve been to a lot of parks and the food tastes pretty good here and comes quick, but the price is a little high. Shea [Stadium] is cheaper and the pizza is nowhere near the pizza at Shea. The guy runs the pizza shop at Shea. It’s his shop so it’s authentic and hot and fresh. And in New York they have combos where you get everything for $10. Here you buy the fries separately for another $4.

Jason: I’m from Chicago and you don’t have real food here. The food sucks. Go to White Sox games. Real food. Real pizza. Real Philly cheesesteaks. Everything is overpriced. In Chicago, you get a 24-ounce can instead of a 16-ounce plastic bottle and it’s cheaper. The hot dog? It’s not hot, it’s not kosher. And soggy fries. Believe me, they need help.