Streetalk May 04 2005

Does it get any better than Cinco de Mayo in Atlanta?

Michael: No. To celebrate Cinco De Mayo, people who don’t like beer drink Corona. There’s excellent beer coming out of Mexico, like Dos Equis, but Corona owes all its success to marketing. It’s thin, watery - you might as well drink lemonade. Whatever. Cinco De Mayo was has been turned into a drinking holiday.

Martin: If you’re celebrating someone else’s tradition and using it as an excuse to get drunk, at least try to realize what it is. Cinco De Mayo has nothing to do with our independence. Think of it as if you were in Mexico and everyone is drinking Canadian Mist or Jack Daniel’s and getting drunk celebrating American Independence Day on Oct. 31 - how you would feel? I’m not trying to preach, but at least have an idea what you’re getting drunk about.

Rachle: I’m new here, but it doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. In Seattle, it was big. We always went out with our Mexican friends on Cinco de Mayo. We either went to have a big dinner at a Mexican place or they would make authentic dishes and have big parties and dance on the barn all night long. It’s like Fourth of July for them.