Streetalk May 12 2005

Where will you see Revenge of the Sith?

Paula: Regal Hollywood 24. It’s a tradition among Star Wars fans because it opened the same weekend that Episode I opened and they played it on all the screens. Star Wars has been around 28 years now and it’s grown a community of sorts and communities like to have traditions. I’ll see it four times opening weekend and then see it at minimum once a week until the theater pulls it.

Carol: First time, I’ll see it at Regal 24, for the experience of the line, and after that I’ll see it at Buckhead Backlot. It brings two things I love together - food and Star Wars. I won’t go to Phipps. It’s a pretentious place and the patrons themselves have no love for the geeks. They wouldn’t appreciate us waving our lightsabers. I expect to see the film 10 times minimum, and if I like the film, at least 17.

Jay: I don’t care where I see it because I have been waiting a long time, like 25 years, to see this movie because that’s how old I am, and I don’t care as long as I get to see through the window into Lucas’ beautiful universe. I’ve seen the first two at least 20 times. I’m a geek and I’m proud of it, and every geek should be proud of it. Society looks down on us. Screw society. We’re geeks. We’re proud.