Streetalk May 18 2005

Where would you like to be naked in Atlanta?

Anna: It would be at Centennial Park at 3 o’clock in the morning when no one is there. When the fountains go off, I would run naked. And the song I would be naked to would be “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. It would be fun and I would feel free. But you can’t do that without getting arrested. But it is a good law. Let’s face it, most people naked are not that hot.

Trevor: Blake’s on Sunday nights. I’m an exhibitionist. I’ve been publicly naked in every state except for Hawaii and Texas. On my vacation, I go to nudist colonies. I have no shame of my body. I worked in Sweden in a restaurant where I served naked. Excellent tips. You can walk down the street in Holland naked. If we could do that in Atlanta, I’d take it off right now, baby.

Brittany: Piedmont Park on a blanket with a picnic, drinking in the sun with my boyfriend. Just sunbathing. I wouldn’t mind if other people were there, but I wouldn’t want to see everybody else naked. I wouldn’t want gross, ugly people naked staring at me. But dogs would be fine. But I always wear my necklace. My boyfriend gave it to me. I never take it off, even when I shower.