Streetalk June 08 2005

Can Atlanta handle two huge music festivals?

Robby: Our city can’t handle anything. It’s Crazy Town, U.S.A. Our government couldn’t handle Freaknik. They shut the city down. Festivals, guys on cranes, people escaping from jail. You can’t blame one person. There’s a bunch of people who aren’t thinking about the broad picture. This city can’t handle a festival, they can’t handle a concert, they can’t even handle a Braves game. I’m not a city planner, but I know we can’t handle it.

Lawrence: Sometimes we drop the ball when it comes to traffic, but Atlanta always seems to be able to pull things off. I love Atlanta and I have faith in my city. We always seem to pull through. I’m optimistic. We’ve gotten better over time. The biggest debacle we had was Freaknik and we’ve learned from that experience. The city leaders are a little more pro-active now as far as planning to accommodate large amounts of people at a specific time.

Jazmyne: My solution is like institutionalized sterilization. You should only sell so many tickets to Music Midtown and sell so many tickets to Vibe and that will control the whole population problem. You just have to buy your tickets way in advance. Go for quality and not quantity. They’d get less riffraff, better crowds and people who have money to spend instead of the grit of society with no money to spend.