Streetalk June 15 2005

Would you change your hair for dad on father’s day?

Jymi: Would the pope change his hat for somebody? No, I don’t think so. I would maybe cut my hair for a cool band or to get laid, but I doubt it. My father has been trying to get me to cut my hair since second grade, and I won’t. Yeah, my dad is disappointed. My hair represents being too stoned to run a comb through it. I’ll buy my dad Beatles records and Elvis records for Father’s Day. They both had crazy hair for his generation.

Kate: When I first started dying my hair and cutting it all weird and stuff, he always said that the people who dye their hair had the most problems in life later on. I was kind of like, “That’s retarded.” I think probably the opposite is true. People who don’t do anything to their hair eventually get bored to death and die. We went through the same thing with piercing, and then tattoos. Once he gets used to it, it’s OK.

Terrance: If my father asked, I would probably give it some serious consideration. But he’s instilled enough confidence in me that he already knows my answer would be no. It’s taken him a good while to understand my hair. When I first started growing it, he called me Buckwheat. But as people started to tell him that his son’s hair was beautiful, now that’s he retired, it wouldn’t surprise me if he started growing locks himself.