Streetalk July 07 2005

At what club are musicians treated well, and conversely, not so well?Charles: The Earl rules. They’re all musicians for the most part, so they understand what it is to be a musician - as far as being broke and getting screwed all the time. The Masquerade really sucks ass. I’ve played there a million times and they treat you like crap and to get money out of them is a pain in the ass. The staff attitude is a bunch of stuck-up, snotty bitches. Plus, those little steroid-boy kids they got working security is laughable.

Lucy: Definitely Lenny’s. The sound quality is good and everyone is very enthusiastic about the band. The monitors are wonderful. We can hear ourselves and all different aspects of our band and they give you free beer. Drunken Unicorn - the sound quality is horrible. You can’t hear yourself. People there are very pretentious. They give us more free drinks but I’d rather it sound good than get drunk.

Be: The Brandyhouse - the best sound and cooperation with the sound guy. Tell him what you want and he does it. That’s the biggest problem as far as treatment - dealing with the sound guy. Some of them failed at being musicians so they turn to doing sound at some bar so they have this ego you have to overcome. The worst sound is Lenny’s. It’s a half-trailer, half-house thing they meshed together and it just really sounds clattered. It has a low ceiling, so that doesn’t help.??