Streetalk July 21 2005

How do your hometown cops compare to Atlanta’s?

DC: L.A. cops are kind of like a gang among themselves. They’re fighting crime with crime. At least in Atlanta they do make an attempt to abide by the law. They’re much more people-friendly than Los Angeles. L.A. policemen are on the edge themselves, which is a lot of the problem. Some of it is justified, but some of it is not.

Anna: The cops in Seattle are more liberated. They have seen all shapes, sizes, colors, as opposed to your typical Bible Belt cop who would pretty much take you out of your car and beat the hell out of you. I play softball with a lot of cops and I know their way of thinking and they have no idea that I [dress like] this. The cops in Seattle are pretty used to it.

Robert: In Detroit, they’re very hard. But Atlanta is much more of an actual police state. I see more police in Atlanta in a day than I would see in a week in Detroit. But here they’re more interested in asking questions. In Detroit, they don’t care what you have to say. If they think you’ve done something, you’re going to jail. Robot cop is a reality in Detroit.