Streetalk January 18 2006

Why is CATS playing for the zillionth time at the Fox?

Susan & Smokey: People don’t get tired of it. This will be my third time to see it. I like to see if there’s anything I missed. I’m always pleasantly entertained. I guess I’m a little bit fanatic about cats. I just love cats. I have cat jewelry, cat T-shirts, and Cats is just something you don’t get tired of. It’s my favorite musical.

Clark & Althea: I have no idea. I went and saw it and fell asleep within the first five minutes. I missed the whole thing. I thought it was going to be great. A whole show about cats, the love affair with cats, but [I] didn’t enjoy it. So I have no idea why it’s still playing. I think I know cats better than they do.

Pilot & Cliff: Everybody loves cats and Cats. It kind of has a little social commentary to it. There’s Mistoffelees who’s getting older and it talks about memories and how he used to be younger. It’s just wonderful. If you see an older cat that can’t move around, like Pilot, and see her limping, there’s immediately a tug on the heart string. I hope Cats never goes away.