Streetalk January 11 2006

Where does Atlanta rank as a hockey town?

Jay: It's up and coming, but it's still in the bottom. It's not well-promoted in the South. I thought the Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup victory would have boosted hockey in the South. I blame the media. I can't believe the Hawks get more coverage than the Thrashers. Most of the real knowledgeable fans here are from the North. But we're adopting the Thrashers as our team.

Stephanie: It's a great hockey town. I grew up in Atlanta. The Flames came to town and sold out [tickets] the first year. When the Knights came to town, they sold out, won the Turner Cup. It's just there's too many transients that will root for the [Detroit] Red Wings or the [Pittsburgh] Penguins. But when [the Thrashers] win and get to the playoffs, it's going to be like the Braves playoff atmosphere back in the early '90s.

Bobby: Very much up there. If you want to see hockey in Atlanta, you can find it. At the inline level, kids play at the outdoor rink in Woodstock. Georgia Tech, [the University of] Georgia and Kennesaw State all have a club. The Cooler in Alpharetta is both ice and inline, and in Snellville they have two inline rinks under one roof.