Streetalk October 05 2005

What are we missing by not being you at Falcons games?

The Great Falconi: I’m in my 14th year as the Great Falconi. [At first] I was misunderstood. [Management] thought I was a danger. I had too much power over the crowd. Now the team respects me and appreciates my presence. Arthur Blank gave me the thumbs up. If you get the thumbs up from the head cheese, I guess you’re OK.

Rev. Syko: I am the reverend for this team. I get to spread the word about the Falcons. I’m a true believer. I can’t sleep on Saturday nights. I pray for them every night. I’m going to give you my prayer: “Heavenly Father, I come to you askin’ that you bless the Falcons. That you lead them down the field as a team. I know Vick is an outstanding player, but as a team, we’re going to win.”

Glen: You’re missing out on a release from reality. The stress of everyday life is bad, and to dress up like I do is a great release. I want to get all my frustrations out and football is a great release for me. I’m a geologist and have a lot of pressure in my job. When I come out here, I forget about my job and everything else is just secondary.