Streetalk November 02 2005

How will the end of daylight saving time impact you?

Amy: I hate it. I'm not un-American, but the farmers don't run the clock anymore. I have respect for the farmers' work ethic. If the farmers drank Red Bull, they wouldn't have to rearrange our clock. My day starts at 8 [a.m.] not 5. I'm not motivated to live healthy or work out because it's dark already when I get off work. It drives me nuts.

Batman: Gives me a little bit more time to get my stuff together, get out there and react, you know. It's all about kickin' ass, and the dark time allows me to kick more ass. Usually I don't have time to go to the store and pick up milk, but get a little more dark, I have the time. Like the other day, I took my dog, Fred, to the vet. Batman can't fly in the daytime. How seriously are you going to take a guy that runs around in a unitard in the daytime?

Christina: I don't see the point of it. I have to walk downtown in the dark. I'm a student at Georgia State and there's some creepy people out there in the "no begging" zone. I have to walk through Woodruff Park, and I want to walk very, very fast. At night it's just going to get creepier. I've been robbed before. Some of our buildings are spread apart, which makes it uncomfortable to travel between them.