Streetalk October 19 2005

How do you feel about pumpkins?

Richard: I love pumpkins. I keep my pumpkins till about February, believe it or not, sitting on a counter. I like the fall. It speaks to me in some strange way. Maybe I’m a pumpkin head. I don’t decorate it, I don’t cut it up, I don’t eat it. I just let it sit there. I haven’t had one go bad on me. It’s just pure beauty to me.

Kyle: Every holiday has a really important symbol, and Halloween just isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin. If you carve it and you’re proud of it and it’s got a nice face, then I’ll name it. I guess it’s like a child. Halloween is about the harvest and vegetables and real goods. To buy Halloween candy doesn’t do it.

Lucy: Without a pumpkin, you’re letting the season just go by without taking a part in it. Picking a pumpkin is like picking out a watermelon. You dump it, you sniff it, you kiss it. It’s all good. The farmers need for us to buy their pumpkins because this is the last thing that comes out of their crop. The farmers wait for [pumpkins] to get as big as they can and bring ‘em on into the city and let us suckers buy them.