Streetalk August 10 2005

Who are the mainstream people in Atlanta?

Kate: They’re the ones at Caucasian corner, which is what Peachtree Tavern and Hole in the Wall, those bars, are. They’re little conservative Republicans. It’s either your Lacoste or your Polo shirt, preferably in a pastel color, with khakis and little brown rainbow flip-flops. The guys wear that and the girls wear the same thing with pearls. They drive BMWs or Lexus SUVs. They don’t read Creative Loafing, they read Atlanta Magazine or PaperCity.

Lionel: People in high-rise offices, the suits. You can hear their mutterings and their coughing with smoke. They go to bed at 6 o’clock in the evening and get up at 2:45 in the morning. They listen to Rush Limbaugh, and if you follow that radio station [WGST], you’ll run into Art Bell. They’re listening to Art Bell so they have a concatenate of things that their minds are embracing. I listen to a lot of Anglo-Saxon talk radio, not hip-hop.

Cameron: The guys with plaid pants, preppie shirts and popped-up collars and newly acquired trucker hats. They got lifted trucks or Honda Civics with mufflers all loud to say they’re big rednecks even though they’re not. They’re in the suburbs at Starbucks. They watch “The O.C.” because they want to live that life and be next to the beach. They think they are, but really they’re just in Georgia. But they’ll probably end up wealthy and being my boss.