What’s the worst music act you’ve seen this summer?


Tim: The second Roller Derby Girl Show at the Star Bar. The headliners were the Rock City Dropouts. They were great, as always, but the other bands were god-awful. I got suckered into going and the Rollergirl that suckered me wasn’t even there. The Rollergirls are always running around bugging you for dollar raffle tickets for lame stuff, like a gift certificate for fresh nails. The Rollergirls are definitely cute, but they get annoying.

Sam: The band Weezer at the Underground. Every rift sounds like every other song. You can remove their lyrics and crop in lyrics from their other songs. The intellectual level of the crowd was almost low-grade moron. It’s ultra-young novice kids who ride MARTA in, they’re drinking, starting fights, and then you get these older guys who are going through these midlife crises and they’re trying to ride this 99X wave although they’re approaching 40.

Jennifer: Gravy Train, like the dog food in every way. I don’t even know how they got the gig at the Drunken Unicorn. They were so awful that after three songs I had to leave. The keyboard player got completely drunk. He spent more time dancing in the crowd than he did actually playing. No redeeming quality at all. It really sucks to even talk about them. They were just awful.