Where can you have a miserable time watching the Super Bowl?

Ryan: The Jocks & Jills at Brookhaven, absolutely the worst. Mostly guys, very drunk. Loud, hot, uncomfortable and very bad food. Lots of drunk guys wearing their jerseys and rowdy. The guys at the bar are screaming and they want to talk to you about their team when you just want to watch the game. I have seen a fight there before and that's much more interesting than anything else that could possibly go on there.

Dan: In Vinings, Laseter's. It was crowded, ugly, the service was terrible, the food was awful, the beer was warm. Very smoky. Extremely smoky. It took forever to get a beer. The girls were old and ugly. The guys were old and ugly. Let's put it this way: I was the most attractive person there. That's pretty bad. Terrible TVs, old-school rabbit ears would be an upgrade.

Teresa: At a person's house that is too clean. You can't relax if somebody is always coming behind you cleaning. I feel like I'm invading their space, like they really didn't want us there but they just wanted to be able to say they had a Super Bowl party at their house. It's supposed to be a party, but you're so uneasy that you're going to drop a crumb.