Will you continue to download free music files on the Internet?

Enrique: No. I used to download a ridiculous amount of music online. I probably have an excess of 2,000 songs, but I stopped when I found out the record industry is going to sue individuals. I’m scared of doing it now. It’s not worth it. If you’re taking something without it being paid for, people have the right to recoup damages, so they’re well within their rights.

Bloatz: No one is concerned about the music in the music industry. I know so many bands that got ripped off by the companies. You can’t stop the technology and a lot of bands are for [downloading]. Record companies are a joke and the next big thing is going to be the downfall of the labels. I would recommend downloading to anyone. It’s one in 60 million you’ll get caught.

Ted: I am intimidated by them coming down like Big Brother. I would be willing to join an online service with a monthly fee giving you unlimited downloads, but so far the actual library files they have is still pretty small, and until it gets better, I’ll continue to use the free ones. I’m certainly a little bit more wary. They have ways of looking on your hard drive and seeing how many and what kind of files you have and I have no idea how to stop them.??