Who is your favorite Founding Father? (2003)

Doll: Thomas Jefferson. I went to Monticello, and he had good taste in designing and decorating homes. For the materials and supplies he had at the time, he did a very good job. He also slept with black women, and I’m all for men who would sleep with them or anybody else. We’re all created equal, and how we pursue that happiness depends on us.

Ginger: George Washington. As far as I know, George was the first man to wear a wig — at least the one we know about in pictures. In fact, as a kid, I used to think he was a woman. I was president of the honor society when I was in high school, and we went to Mt. Vernon. It was quaint and simple, and it let me know that, no matter how simple your childhood is, you can grow up to be anything you desire.

Queen Apollo (with her king): Benjamin Franklin. He invented so many things, like electricity. He did the gas lighting; he started the first insurance company. The electricity empowered us into the Industrial Revolution, which put us ahead of the rest of the world — and we have stayed that way ever since. We went to his house in Philadelphia. Everything was very minimalist. It was very nice.??