Hollywood Product September 13 2006

Seed of Chucky

Genre: Horror/comedy

Opens: Now playing

The pitch: Psycho doll Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) and his equally murderous bride, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly), are brought back to life by their long-lost, equally plastic son (Billy Boyd).

Body count: Seed of Chucky shows nine people violently murdered, plus two scenes of doll dismemberment.

Best line: "I'm an Oscar nominee, for chrissakes, but now I'm fucking a puppet," says Tilly, who not only provides Tiffany's voice but plays herself as a has-been starlet filming a Chucky movie.

Flesh factor: Tilly shows off a lot of cleavage so, not to be outdone, Tiffany flashes her doll-tits at Chucky.

Pop references: Establishing that their son is anatomically incorrect, Chucky and Tiffany argue whether he should be "Glen" or "Glenda" — a reference to cross-dressing director Ed Wood's film. Later, the freaked-out Glen evokes James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause when he cries out, "You're tearing me apart!" Seed of Chucky makes a running joke of Tilly's steamy girl-on-girl scenes from Bound.

Money shots: Tiffany strangles a Santa Claus with a Slinky. Glen's eye twitches with amusing nervousness whenever his parents act out. In a final showdown, Glen shows off his kung-fu moves.

Product placement: Masturbating in order to artificially inseminate Tilly, Chucky chooses horror movie mag Fangoria as a visual aid.

Cameo: Director John Waters portrays a sleazy journalist who loses an argument with a flask of sulfuric acid.

Off-screen feud: Britney Spears' lawyers objected to Seed of Chucky using her song "Baby One More Time," and the movie's TV ads include the disclaimer, "Britney Spears does not appear in this movie." But the movie features Chucky driving Redman's Hummer and running a Britney look-alike off the road.

The bottom line:
?If you can get past the gore — and with glimpses of steaming entrails, that’s a pretty big “if” — you’ll find Seed of Chucky to be a silly, sloppy, yet surprisingly funny piece of no-budget drive-in schlock.