The Blotter: Blood bath

A 24-year-old man covered in blood strolled into his luxury condo building on West Peachtree Street, after midnight on Saturday. The man was jovial and didn't seem upset at all. The concierge took one look at the bloody man and called the cops. Meanwhile, the man calmly took the elevator to his condo on the 29th floor. When cops arrived, the concierge rushed them upstairs: The man's door was open, dripping blood smeared all over the floor, and the man was standing in the bathroom with a cut above his eye and a bloody hand. The cop asked what happened and the man said he was just fine and didn't need any doctors. "He also said he was not bleeding at all," the cop noted. The man was very tipsy and wobbly. The cop said, OK, medics are just going to take a look. After a quick exam, medics said the deep hand cut definitely needed stitches. No way, the man said, "it's just a scratch."  A cop noted, "While in the man's condominium, I noticed blood spread throughout the residence. On the kitchen counter was the top of a broken beer bottle with blood in the grooves. When I asked the man what had occurred, he said nothing happened." The bloody man refused to elaborate any further.

SPIRITS & SPELLS: An unconscious woman was sprawled in the middle of the road, right in front of Atlantic Station, around 6:30 p.m. A silver Coach purse was wrapped around her wrist, and a black plastic bag was tucked under her leg. Medics revived her with smelling salts, and the woman "appeared very disoriented and could not tell anyone who she was or where she was at the moment," an officer noted. The plastic bag under her leg contained four empty bottles of booze and two unopened bottles. The woman absolutely refused to let medics get near her. She cursed, shrieked, and threatened to "put voodoo spells" on the medics. The cop gently eased the woman into his patrol car. Seconds after he closed the door, the woman vomited all over the back seat. And no, she's no young party gal.  The woman, age 39, hails from Stone Mountain. She's charged with drunk and disorderly conduct.

SEEING RED: Blood streaming down a woman's arms drew a crowd outside her apartment in Peoplestown. A cop talked to the 29-year-old woman, who was bleeding and stomping around her apartment. She said she was bloody because she used her fist to  punch in a glass window. Why? She didn't have her apartment keys. So she decided to shimmy up a pole and flip herself onto the balcony (on the second floor). Then, from the balcony, she smashed the window and got inside. The woman accused another lady, along with "everyone else" in her apartment complex, of stealing her keys. She said that's why the crowd watched her daredevil climb and fist-thru-glass maneuvers. Medics bandaged the woman's bloody arms, and told her that she needed stitches — but the woman refused to go to a hospital.

BITCHY WITCHY: In Mechanicsville, a 33-year-old woman's head was bleeding, and blood dripped all over her shirt. The woman said her roommate, also 33, thought she had swiped her cell phone. She said she tried to explain to her roommate that, no, she didn't have the missing cell phone. Apparently, the roommate grabbed a glass Pyrex pot and smashed it over the woman's head. Police arrested the roommate and took the woman to the hospital. She needed seven staples in her head.

SPOOKY CALLER: In Fairburn Heights, a man said he got a bizarre phone message — and he played it for police. It "sounds like a woman screaming and a young man laughing afterward, and then nine gunshots in the background."  The call came from a private number, so it cannot be traced.

HAUNTED HEAD: A Midtown woman called police to her home for an emergency. She said a man with a private phone number called her that day and said he worked for the FBI and needed information about someone the woman might know. She told the "FBI Guy" that she was calling police because the whole thing sounds suspicious — and the "FBI Guy" said he, too, would call police.

Now, the woman thinks "they" are watching her and that "they" might try to get her later. She said she needs a police report so if something bad happens to her, the police could figure out who did it.

PIZZA MACABRE: Two guys in their 30s carried a pizza as they walked down Peachtree Street around 3 a.m. They said a strange guy walked up and asked them for some pizza. One guy took out a slice and offered it to the complete stranger — who totally flipped out because they "touched the pizza" with their hands. So the two guys walked across the street to catch a cab — and the strange guy started screaming at them. One guy walked back across the street to see what the problem was. The strange man pulled something from his bag and swung over his shoulder, stabbing the guy in the back with a knife. A witness said she was outside smoking when she saw the strange man ask for pizza, and then go berserk when they handed him a slice. Cops took the strange, ungrateful man to jail for aggravated assault.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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