The Blotter: Brown trickle woes

A war between neighbors that had been brewing for two years finally bubbled over at a Midtown condominium building. The opponents: Two male neighbors who live above/below each other. The lower-floor neighbor, a 46-year-old man, claimed "the ceiling light fixture in his bathroom was leaking a brown fluid — suspected methamphetamine " from his neighbors' upstairs unit, a cop noted.

The man described his upstairs neighbor as a "chubbily built" man in his 40s with brown hair and glasses. The man also said the upstairs neighbor has an aggressive dog, which is forbidden by condo rules. He claims the neighbor's dog has attacked residents and visitors at the condominium. "The dog also [alledgedly] bit someone at the location," the cop noted. The man said the condo association found out about the dog, issued a memo to evict it, and is now charging the upstairs neighbor a $25 daily penalty until the dog is gone.

The man said throngs of people are constantly coming and going from the upstairs neighbor's place, and sometimes people enter by climbing a wall. He described a previous instance when his ceiling was leaking brownish fluid ("suspected methamphetamine") and he walked upstairs, knocked on his neighbor's door, and heard "items rattling and fast footsteps as though he is hiding something illegally suspicious." The man said he walked inside and saw "a sheet covering possibly suspicious items over the bathtub," according to the police report.

Police took a sample of the brown liquid dripping from the ceiling to test for possible methamphetamine.

"Feeling Myself"

On the Westside, a 38-year-old man called police about strange calls and texts. "Upon my arrival, I met the victim [a 38-year-old man] who stated while he was pleasuring himself on Facetime, someone video-recorded him without his consent," a cop noted. "[The man] stated he was contacted online by several persons ... proposing to have his video. [He] stated a male was requesting a reward of $500 before the video can be removed."

The man had several text messages with alleged demands. Police told him to secure his phone for further investigation.

"Heart's Filthy Lesson"

A cop on patrol in Piedmont Park "noticed a group of males" huddled together late at night. "Two of the males were standing while a third male was in between the two males performing sexual acts," the cop noted. "Specifically, the male provided oral sex and ejaculation to the two males standing. At some point, the third male left the location and the accused along with another male continued the acts together. The accused groped and caressed the other male repeatedly while fondling and ejaculating himself."

The two frisky men freaked out when they noticed the cop. They ran in opposite directions and one man escaped.

Sprinting across the park, the cop chased the accused suspect, a 41-year-old man. "The accused fell to the ground and rolled onto his back," the cop noted. "He refused to turn over on his stomach and assumed an aggressive position."

The man tried to get sympathy from the cop. "[He] told me he was having problems with his wife. He went on to say he would leave the park immediately and tell his wife everything he had done in the park, if I would agree to let him go," the cop noted. Nice try, but no dice. The cop cited the 41-year-old for indecency and took him to jail. Bet that was one uncomfortable call to his wife.

"Flash Delirium"

Cops spotted a 19-year-old man "acting erratic" throughout the day at a music festival in Centennial Olympic Park. "I observed [the 19-year-old] jump up on stage where a band was currently playing," a cop noted. "[The man] began running around on stage, causing a disturbance with the band as well as the crowd, who was trying to enjoy the performance. Once I proceeded to [the man's] direction, without him knowing, he then jumped off stage into the crowd. At that point, I jumped a fence that separated the stage from the crowd, located [the man] within the crowd and apprehended him." The man allegedly tried to resist and lunged back toward the music. The cop noted, "[The man] tried to leave a number of times and admitted to using the narcotic acid." Apparently, the man felt incredibly strong when high: Cops had to use several pairs of handcuffs, "as well as flex-cuffs and restrain him to a bed."

The cop sat with the tripping man for five hours before he was taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital detention center.

Turns out, the 19-year-old used a fake ID to get into the 21-and-over music festival. His parents were notified and showed up at Grady about an hour after he was admitted. Awkward end to his day-long trip.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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