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In the Old Fourth Ward, a suspicious green package freaked people out — drawing cops, a SWAT team, and Homeland Security to the scene on Glen Iris Drive. It appeared to be "a green foot locker, about 3 cubic feet in size, with the word 'Free' written on the side," a cop noted. A Ponce City Market security guard said the strange locker suddenly showed up between 10 and 10:15 a.m. "Citizens were evacuated from the area." After careful inspection, a bomb technician figured out that the "Free" green footlocker was not dangerous at all. Someone probably left it behind while moving.

Green people missing: Speaking of moving and the color green, a 39-year-old man says he got royally ripped off while moving into his new home in the Woodland Hills neighborhood. He said movers somehow "lost" his two Burma Jade sculptures. They aren't cheap or kitschy — the two sculptures are worth a whopping $60,000. The man said several moving companies were involved with his move. He gave police the name of the moving company that last had his precious Burma jade sculptures.

Bluster and rant: In Midtown at 3 a.m., a cop saw a man "talking to himself" while he stood at the corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Charles Allen Drive. "I stopped and asked the man if he was all right," wrote the female officer. The man "became very upset, loud and irate. He yelled, 'Fuck you bitch! Go on! You fucking with the wrong one! Get the fuck on.'"

The man refused to calm down. "He stated he had a weapon and that I better leave him alone," the officer noted. The cop decided this guy might be a problem. She searched him and "recovered two butcher knives tucked down the front of his pants." The man, 66, went to jail on a disorderly conduct charge.

Nail down: A smackdown erupted at a Westside nail salon. An 18-year-old woman got her nails done and was "unsatisfied with the outcome" so she asked the manicurist to remove and replace the nail polish, but the manicurist refused. Flummoxed, the 18-year-old called an older female friend, 29, and asked for help.

Her friend took the polish situation very seriously. The friend rushed to the nail salon, found the 18-year-old, and said, "Let's get out of here!" But salon employees weren't going to take this crap. The employees lined up and blocked the door.

The 18-year-old said a male salon employee pushed her onto the ground and "kicked and punched" her face. She said she punched him back in self-defense.

The woman's friend decided on a drastic action plan: She "broke out the shop window glass in order to get out of the salon." Then she called 911 and waited for police.

A cop showed up to sort out the manicure melee. Three salon windows were busted, the cop noted. The male employee said the 18-year-old tried to leave without paying for her $20 manicure so he stopped her and she punched him several times. Everyone had minor cuts from the brawl/window smashing.

The cop reviewed surveillance tape and saw the fight go down. He decided everyone was at fault and hauled the salon employee, the 18-year-old, and her friend to jail on "disturbing the peace" charges.

Bite back: A 23-year-old woman said her ex-boss was sending her harassing phone calls and texts. In one message, he said, "I'm going to ruin your sorry ass, starting with the truth to your father, then the industry. Fuck off." Also, the woman said her former boss's son is sending bizarre messages. Here's the son's message: "You are a slut and karma will come get you." The Blotter Diva Googled the ex-boss's work address. Apparently, the woman used to work for a local dentist.

Don't-mess-with-me award: Here's our breakup story of the week: A man and his girlfriend got into a fight at their apartment in the Lindbergh area. The boyfriend reportedly tried to rough up his girlfriend, so cops hauled him off to jail on a simple battery charge. Three days later, the boyfriend got out of jail and returned to their apartment. His girlfriend wasn't home; she had packed up all of her stuff and moved out. The boyfriend said his now-ex-girlfriend swiped his DVD player, 30 DVDs, and some photo frames. The icing on her revenge cake: The ex-girlfriend erased all of his computer files from his laptop and deleted all the contact info from his cell phone.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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