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The Blotter: Cat burglars

In Chastain Park, a 48-year-old man called police to his apartment after he picked up two women at a popular Buckhead bar. “Upon arrival at the scene, the front door was open and I observed the victim lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a compound fracture to his left leg,” a cop noted. The 48-year-old man said the first woman had short black hair, wore an orange dress, and said she came from Miami to Atlanta to promote a brand of vodka. The second woman wore a black dress and had long black hair. He said they all went back to his apartment and eventually he fell asleep. He said when he awoke later, both women were rummaging through his belongings in his closet. The man said he tried to stop the women, who alledgedly snatched his wallet and three of his watches. During the struggle, he said the woman in the black dress pushed him down the stairs, and that’s how he broke his leg.

Cops searched the apartment: In the upstairs master bedroom, a back door was wide open. No one else was there. Also, the man added that both women “were wearing contacts that looked like ‘cat eyes.’”

Flower power

In Ormewood Park, a 31-year-old woman called police to her home to report damage to her mailbox, which had been ripped from its post. According to the woman’s neighbor, during the night a white pickup truck stopped in front of the woman’s house. A man inside the truck screamed, “I’m gonna piss on your flowers, you cunt!” Then the neighbor heard a loud bang. The cop noted, “[The 31-year-old woman] explained that she is unaware of anyone who is upset with her, or would want to damage her property.”

Meat of the problem

At a Midtown deli, a clerk flagged down a cop to report an unruly 35-year-old man with teardrop tattoos on his face. The deli manager said that when he asked the man to leave, the man responded by cursing and kicking over a few plants outside the deli. The man then took off running toward Piedmont Park. A few minutes later, the cop located the tattooed man, arrested him for disorderly conduct, and took him to jail. The cop searched the man and found a bottle of brown makeup and one tube of cortisone, which were turned in as police property.

Middle-aged spring fever

A cop saw a man “giving oral sex to a female not wearing clothing” in the staircase of a parking garage near the State Capitol. “The male was on his stomach on the ground, had his face between the legs of the female, performing oral sex while I was only four feet away in the public parking deck,” the cop noted. “I told the two to stand up and the female to put her clothes back on.” Both the man, a 50-year-old from Smyrna, and the woman, 42, went to jail, charged with public indecency.

Weird time capsule

In Downtown near Peachtree Center, construction workers were tearing down parts of a closed steakhouse restaurant. The crew leader called police after one construction worker discovered a bag hidden deep within a restaurant wall. “Inside the bag were two identification cards; one from Georgia and one from Florida ... along with two Social Security cards and some other paperwork with names on them. The paper is very old and hard to read,” a cop noted. “Also inside the bag was also faded-out silver ‘TOY GUN’ revolver ... made in the USA. It’s a very old cap Toy gun — the make is Gabriel/the model looks like Trooper.” The next found item suggests the bag was hidden in the wall for almost a quarter-century. The cop noted, “There was also a newspaper dated November 23, 1992 in the bag. Again the paper was very hard to read.”

Police turned in the IDs: one driver’s license and Social Security card belongs to an 84-year-old woman from Jacksonville, Fla. Another driver’s license belongs to a 54-year-old man from Norcross. Plus, a Tennessee ID card with no photo apparently belongs to a 24-year-old man from Heiskell, Tenn., who would have been about 2-years-old back in November 1992. The closed steakhouse is being torn down and replaced with a boutique hotel.

Jittery Joe

At a gas station on Northside Drive, a man walked in and wanted to buy a cup of coffee with his debit card. The clerk said he had to spend a minimum of $3 to use his debit card to pay for the coffee. The man said, “I don’t want to spent $3 for this shit” and flung the coffee on the clerk. When police arrived, the clerk said he knows the coffee-flinging customer and he will alert authorities the next time the customer comes to the store. The clerk was not injured by the hot coffee.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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