The Blotter: Dumpster wars

In the Fairlie-Poplar district, a distraught man called police while standing outside an office building on Broad Street. "He said he'd been off his medication for two months and in a panic state," a cop noted. "He stated he was hiding behind a Dumpster because he felt someone or something was chasing him and he also was fighting a spiritual warfare." The man said he ran into a stranger in a black hoodie who was urinating behind the Dumpster. The distraught man told the urinating man that he just wanted to retrieve his belongings (a green bag containing his Bible and cellphone stored behind the Dumpster). The urinating man said no and to "keep walking."

After his piss, the stranger grabbed the green bag and ran away. The distraught man told police he went back to that same Dumpster two weeks later to see if the urinating man returned his Bible or cellphone. No such luck. Police sent medics to evaluate the distraught man, but he refused any medical treatment. The 27-year-old man hails from Decatur.

Saved by the bell

In Peoplestown, a 24-year-old man carrying a black bookbag was roaming the halls of a charter high school. Clearly, he was too old to be a student. The principal told him to scram, but the man refused — so the principal called police. A cop found the 24-year-old hanging out in the school's courtyard and asked him to leave campus immediately. "Do what you have to do," the man replied. "I'm here to do God's work."

According to the police report, the same 24-year-old man is "frequently spotted on campus and in the neighborhood talking with and following students." He went to jail on a trespassing charge.

Blessed hustle

A mysterious middle-age man dressed in all black clothing, a black hat, and clutching a red backpack wandered into a Kirkwood church on a recent weekday morning and began chatting up church employees. A female worker said that after a while, she excused herself from the conversation to use the restroom, leaving the man unattended by the church's front door. When she returned, the man was "running out of the church's office and then running around the church seats."

The woman asked the man is he was OK. "I just found Jesus in my life," the man replied before sprinting out of the church. The woman thought his behavior was a little odd for someone who just found Jesus, so she checked her purse. Her black leather wallet was gone — along with $40 cash, her driver's license, and credit cards.

Upchuck uproar

Vomit triggered a recent roommate spat. Police responded to settle the dispute between two men living together at a West End apartment. The older roommate, 42, said his girlfriend "threw up in the bathroom earlier ... and nobody decided to clean the mess up," an officer noted. When the younger roommate, 27, went to use the restroom, he saw the vomit and became upset. The older roommate said the younger roommate barged into his bedroom to argue about the vomit and acted "disrespectful" toward him. The younger roommate said that all he wanted was for someone to clean the bathroom. "Things escalated from there," the cop noted.

The older roommate said the younger roommate went for his lock box, where he keeps his gun, and took off. The cop noted, "I spoke to both parties ... [they] agreed that the bathroom should not be left a mess because they both live there and should respect the property." The older roommate went into bathroom and cleaned up his girlfriend's vomit as the cop looked on. Afterward, the roommates said the whole thing was a miscommunication and they no longer have issues. No charges were filed.

Cut and run

A 23-year-old woman said her ex-girlfriend stabbed her in the back. Literally. With a kitchen knife. Here's how it went down: The 23-year-old woman said she was at her townhome with a male acquaintance when her ex-girlfriend texted her about money. They texted back and forth — arguing — and the ex-girlfriend decided to come over. The ex-girlfriend allegedly forced her way upstairs and started arguing. Then she went back downstairs, grabbed a knife, and came back up swinging it and damaging property. She then alledgedly stabbed the 23-year-old twice in lower back before leaving the scene. The 23-year-old "was unable to provide any witness names because she was doing hair at the time and did not know the name of the client."

Slice of family life

In Sylvan Hills, a 21-year-old man and his mother were hanging out in their home when his mother's cousin paid a visit. When the son answered the door, the cousin "asked for some ice to put in the cup of liquor he was holding," a cop noted. The son said that the cousin couldn't have any ice. The cousin got mad and threw the contents of the cup at the son through the screen door of the house. They argued and the mother came to the door to see what the fuss was about.

The cousin kept arguing with both mother and son, demanding ice. "He then pulled out a box cutter and slashed [the son] on the left forearm and face, just under the nose. He also scratched [the mother] across her chest and on the left side of her neck." The cousin, 31, then left the scene in a blue Hyundai driven by a heavyset woman with gold teeth. Apparently, the cuts weren't too bad. Medics treated the mother and son at the scene and decided not to take them to a hospital.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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