The Blotter: Feel like makin' love

A 29-year-old man met a guy online and arranged to meet for a sexual encounter on Pryor Street in Downtown. The 29-year-old dressed in khaki pants and drove his pickup truck to the meeting spot where the online hottie hopped into his car. The hottie reportedly told the 29-year-old man to drive to a spot about a mile away. When they got there, the hottie jumped out of the truck, pointed a pistol at the man's head, and told him to remove his pants. The 29-year-old complied. Then the hottie took the 29-year-old's cell phone, truck keys, and wallet. The hottie jumped into the driver's seat of the pickup truck, drove to two nearby ATMs, forced the 29-year-old to withdraw $400, and then kicked him out of truck and sped away. The 29-year-old called police and reported his pickup truck stolen, along with his cell phone, ATM card, and wallet.

You shook me all night long

The sound of screams coming from a Little Five Points abandoned building prompted a concerned neighbor to call 911. The caller heard a man yelling, "I will break your neck." A cop rushed to the abandoned building and found a 50-year-old man holding down a 28-year-old California man. The 50-year-old was bleeding from the top of his head. The cop asked the men what happened. Hours ago, the California man brought a woman over to the abandoned property, where the two men were hanging out. Apparently the lady was more attracted to older guys. The 50-year-old man said he wound up having sex with the luscious lady, and the California man got "jealous and angry" and grabbed a rock and smacked him in the head.

The California man said he got really mad when the 50-year-old put the sexy moves on his lady and said the 50-year-old was acting like an asshole. Plus, the California man said he didn't hit him with the rock that hard. (The 50-year-old needed stitches on his head.) The cop took the California man to jail on assault charges. The California man's skateboard and black purse were turned in to police evidence.

Bang a gong

In the Riverside neighborhood, a 44-year-old woman said she was sitting on a bench in a park, waiting for her lunch order to be completed at a nearby restaurant. A gray-haired older man walked up to her. "Come with me, I have money," the man said suggestively while putting his hands inside his pants, touching his own penis. "Sir, you are insulting me," the woman replied. She's no hooker. The old man leaned in closer and she backed way and told him to leave her alone. She told police the horny old man wore a green dress shirt and gray slacks.

Push it real good

In Reynoldstown, a brash 29-year-old woman hopped into an undercover cop's unmarked car. The woman "asked me was I the police and I said no," the cop wrote. "Next, she asked me to touch her on her left breast while it was inside the outer garment of her dress, so I touched it. While driving, [the woman] told me to pull out my dick so she would know if I was the police or not — and I told her no. Then [the woman] started grabbing my dick, trying to unbuckle my pants so she could see my dick and I told her not now, while I was driving. So [the woman] told me to touch her pussy, grabbed my right hand, and placed it down by her pussy. Shortly afterward, [the woman] pulled out her left breast, while I was driving in the neighborhood, told me to touch it, so I touched it. Finally [the woman] got upset because I would not pull out my dick, so I told her to get out. She said no, take her back where I picked her up, and I told her no. [The woman] said I would have to drag her out — and that's when I gave my takedown signal to arrest her." Backup units promptly handcuffed the woman for soliciting sex. "[The woman] was taken into custody and charged accordingly," the cop concluded. "I notified the sergeant of the touching of the female."

Tom cat

An adult son called police to his family home in Buckhead to report his father missing. The son said his father had admitted to sleeping with another woman who is not his wife. According to the son, "the father stated he had no intentions of ending the relationship," the cop wrote. The son said the father had been told not to return to the Buckhead family home. The son is unsure where his father has been living for the past few weeks, but his father has been communicating with the family. The son said he tried to track his father by doing a location search on his dad's cell phone and iPad, but both devices were turned off. Also, the son cancelled his father's credit cards. Now the son wants to report his father as a missing person. That's just not happening. The cop noted, "I explained to [the son] that his father was not classified as a missing person because they forced him to leave and that his return to this address was not expected."

Come undone

A 26-year-old man called police and said his ex-girlfriend was threatening to make his life "a living hell." They used to live together in an apartment near Atlantic Station but she moved out and took her name off the lease. The ex-girlfriend still has possession of the ex-boyfriend's car and refuses to return it. The man says his ex-girlfriend also threatened to break into his apartment and storage unit and rob him. He's concerned about her threats and wants his car back.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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