The Blotter: Female troubles

Following a brief, three-day "personal" encounter in January, an Atlanta woman says things turned nasty between her and a text-happy Alabama woman. This spring, when she started dating someone else seriously, she says she told the Alabama woman that they could no longer communicate. She says the Alabama woman started sending her a gazillion text messages and emails "disagreeing with the situation" and later "threatening to report her to DFCS and her licensing board," an officer wrote.

Also, the Atlanta woman said the Alabama woman's ex-girlfriend also joined in and started sending harassing text messages. The Atlanta woman is tired of the messages, but says she can't change her phone number for business reasons. The police officer noted, "Due to the brief and limited nature of their relationship [the Atlanta woman] knows only the woman claimed to live in ... Alabama, and cleaned houses."

DUMP THE LOSER: A young woman said she knew her 38-year-old boyfriend for a just few months before they moved in together on Delmar Lane. Shortly after they began cohabitating, they got into a scuffle, and she called police. The woman said she was surprised by the slap across the face she received because there hadn't been any violence in their entire three-month relationship. And he sure sounds like a looker. She described him for police, saying he has a rose tattoo on his right arm, and he always wears black-and-white tennis shoes. Also, she said, her boyfriend has "big teeth and a unibrow." Despite that very specific description, police never found him.

STUPID MOVE OF THE MONTH: A 29-year-old man said someone broke into his employee locker and stole his pistol. (He works at a grocery store.) The man said he told the grocery store's security guards about his stolen gun, and called Atlanta police, but got an answering machine. "Due to a serious backlog, he was not called until weeks later," the police report says. When cops finally returned his call, the man complained that he got fired over the whole thing. Apparently, he said the grocery store fired him for "violating policy about having the gun in his locker." Now the poor guy's unarmed and unemployed. Advice: Next time, keep your mouth shut about weaponry in your work locker.

AQUA ANGER: At a fancy-schmancy restaurant in Poncey-Highland, a middle-aged suburban woman freaked out when a waiter spilled hot water on her. Restaurant employees gave her an ice pack, but that wasn't enough. She demanded an ambulance. So, an ambulance arrived and took the woman away. A cop asked medics about the extent of her, um, injuries. The woman didn't appear hurt, but "all they could advise is that there was some redness," an officer wrote. The woman, 45, hails from Marietta.

HOLY ROLLERS: Two South Carolina women were visiting Atlanta for a one-day religious event. Despite their tight schedule, they managed to squeeze in a two-hour shopping trip to Greenbriar Mall. When they returned to their car, the outraged women called police. Someone had broken into their rental car and stole their high-heeled shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag, and two Bibles wrapped in special carrying cases.

WISHFUL THINKING: A cop spotted a young couple "sitting close together while on top of the grassy hill" at Forsyth and Garnett streets. They "were within arms reach of each other," the cop noted. The young man allegedly hid a green lighter and a bag as the cop walked closer. "I opened the bag and discovered four small clear plastic bags containing suspected marijuana," the officer wrote. The young man quickly turned on his lady lover, saying, "The shit in the bag is hers. Oh my god, tell them that it's yours." The girlfriend responded by telling police, "Marijuana is almost legal in America." (Um, not the last time we checked.) The young lovers went to jail on for drug possession.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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