The Blotter: Friendship stripped

In Buckhead, a 21-year-old man called police to his apartment near Lenox Road. According to the cop's notes, the man said he and a female friend went on a road trip "to Alabama to get some money from her family and they were on their way back to Georgia after he had received $500 from his cousins in Alabama." During the ride back, the man fell asleep in the back seat of his friend's car. When he woke up, they were outside the female friend's apartment. She said she needed to pick up her male cousin to buy some marijuana. The cousin hopped into the car, and the friend drove to a nearby apartment — in a much less luxurious part of town. The friend drove behind the complex and parked near the trash bins. The friend's cousin grabbed the 21-year-old from behind and pinned him down, while the friend rummaged through his pockets. "Give me the money or you'll be sorry," the cousin kept saying. Eventually, they found and snatched the $500 stuffed inside the 21-year-old's pockets — and the friend drove him back to his apartment and dropped him off.

The 21-year-old described his female friend as a stripper who works at a club not far from his home. Also, the 21-year-old said he believes his own friend targeted him because of his transgender status. The 21-year-old had marks on his neck and chin, the reporting officer noted.

FRIEND MOVES IN, FRENEMY: In the Adamsville area, a 20-year-old woman agreed to let a female friend in need temporarily move into her apartment. They made a deal: The friend would pay her $350 a month to live there. However, after the first month, the friend paid only $150. The woman didn't say anything about the friend shorting her $200 of the agreed-upon rent. After another month went by, again the friend offered only $150. The woman explained that the gas bill alone was $175, so the friend really needed to pony up the full $350 a month. Choice words were exchanged. The woman told her friend to move out of her apartment. The friend agreed, but first she wanted to invite a guy over to spend the night. No way, the woman said. They kept bickering, and the friend insisted she should be able to invite a guy over for a frolicking night. Eventually, the woman left her apartment. Later, she got a call — the friend and two other people were moving clothes and dragging items from the apartment. The woman returned home to a mess: Allegedly, her front door was kicked in, and her couch and dresser were mangled. All the friend's clothes were gone. The woman called her friend about the damaged furniture. The friend uttered one sentence before hanging up: "Really, your door was damaged and all my clothes are missing." So the woman filed a police report on her friend over the smooshed furniture.

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: In Harwell Heights Park near Collier Drive, cops spotted a man leaning against a white Volvo, allegedly getting a blow job from a woman sitting on the ground, intent on her oral sex performance. Cops separated the couple and demanded an explanation. "The woman said she was not a prostitute and that she was doing a favor for an old friend," the reporting officer noted. Indeed, her "old friend" is 20 years her senior. Cops jailed the man, age 56, and the woman, age 36, on public indecency charges.

FIBBING FRIENDS: Three young friends sprinted into traffic on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard. "I instructed the males to stop," the cop noted. "Two of the males complied, while the third didn't. He then pulled his pant an (sic) looked left then right before running." The cop arrested the two remaining friends and asked: What are you running from? The older friend, age 21, said they were running to catch a ride from a grandfather. The younger friend, age 19, said they were running to meet a girlfriend. After hearing their conflicting stories, the cop charged them with "pedestrian in the roadway." Yet, the 19-year-old just kept digging himself a deeper hole. First, he gave police a fake name. The cop figured out that fib fast, and got his real name. The 19-year-old's alleged next move really surprised the cop: "Stealing the ticket off my desk and stuffing them into his pants in an attempt to hide them." Now, the 19-year-old faces additional obstruction charges

SCROTUM SHOW: In Peoplestown, an officer got an "indecent exposure" call regarding a scantily dressed man near the I-75/85 ramp. The officer located the 34-year-old man, wearing denim shorts. "His shorts were very short and I advised him that when he sat down, I'm sure that part of his genitals were [exposed, which] is why I had received the call," the officer wrote. "At the time, I did not see anything exposed." So the officer told the man to "keep it moving" and not to return to the location.

The man in short-shorts meandered down Pryor Road, pausing outside a submarine sandwich shop. Soon, the man was "squatting down outside the store, causing his scrotum to been seen at the bottom of his shorts," the cop noted. Customers complained about the scrotum show. This time, the cop took the man to jail on indecency charges.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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