The Blotter: Girl fight!

A catfight recently erupted inside a lavish Atlanta lounge. A tipsy 18-year-old woman said an angry group of females attacked her because she was "spending money" in the nightclub. She said she'd never met the angry women before and she knew of no reason why they would attack her other than because she was "spending money." During the fight, the 18-year-old gave her yellow purse to her boyfriend and he eventually put the purse down to try to break up the fight. After the brawl ended, the 18-year-old woman and her boyfriend realized her purse (containing $150 cash) was gone. The woman admitted she'd been drinking alcohol and "it was evident upon arrival," a cop noted. She sustained a few scratches and scrapes.

Seeing red

In the Westside neighborhood, cops responded to an argument between two female roommates. The 20-year-old roommate said she bought a red table and a red carpet, which infuriated her 21-year-old roommate, who does not want anything red in the apartment. The pro-red roommate said they argued and she claimed her anti-red roommate punched her once and the anti-red roommate's younger sister tried to break up the fight. The pro-red roommate attempted to go downstairs to her former roommate's apartment, but the anti-red roommate and sister followed her and started to fight again.

The anti-red roommate gave an entirely different story to police. She said her little sister was sitting on the couch in the living room and the pro-red roommate tried to push the sister off the couch "by lifting it from the bottom." The anti-red roommate said she stepped in and the pro-red roommate hit her — that's when they started to fight. Also, she said the pro-red roommate grabbed some of her clothes and threw them over the balcony. Apparently, some clothes landed on the street and some landed on the roof of a nearby apartment.

The pro-red roommate had a small cut on her temple, the cop noted, and the anti-red roommate had a small cut on her chest. Both women refused medical treatment. The cop arrested both roommates and took them to jail on battery charges.

Holy grail

In the West End, plastic cups triggered another catfight. A 35-year-old woman said she confronted her roommate, who had used her plastic cups without her permission — and didn't bother to even replace them. The 35-year-old woman said her roommate pushed her, telling her to get out of her room and that she "don't want none" of her. Then, the 35-year-old said her roommate "mushed" her in the face. Game on. The two women started brawling. The boyfriend of the 35-year-old woman stepped between the women and tried to break up the fight. Eventually, the boyfriend separated the two women.

The younger roommate, 28, who used the plastic cups, dashed into the bathroom, grabbed a blow-dryer, and alledgedly used it to club the boyfriend's face and back. At this point, their landlord rushed in to try to break up the fight. When police arrived, the landlord confirmed that the 28-year-old roommate started the fight by "mushing" her roommate's face. The cop arrested the 28-year-old roommate on disorderly conduct charges and took her to jail.

Exotic club showdown

At a local strip club, a 25-year-old woman was at the bar when a man known as "Rugs" walked up to her and demanded to know what she had been saying about him. The woman said she told Rugs she had no idea what he was talking about and that's when Rugs alledgedly raised up his hand like he was going to hit her. The woman said she pushed Rugs and another guy known as "Fly Ty" came up and kicked her. At that point the woman said she was escorted out of the strip club. She does not know real names of either Rugs or Fly Ty.

Pissed-off bitch

A 29-year-old man said a female friend was hanging out at his apartment when he received a text message from another woman. He said his female friend got mad and alledgedly hit him two times with the claw end of a hammer. Then he said the female friend took his clothes and threw them into the backyard. Alledgedly, the female friend then urinated on his clothes. She was gone when police arrived.

The man refused to allow medics to check out the "small lacerations on his left arm," the cop noted. He also refused to let police photograph his apartment for evidence of the brawl. The cop noted, "When I asked [the man] if he was ever married or dated [the female friend], he refused to cooperate and did not answer the question. [The man] kept stating that he did not have time to answer any of my questions and refused to write out a victim statement." The man did not want to press charges against his female friend, he just wanted her to "come home" and pick up his soiled clothing.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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