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Gwinnett Blotter November 04 2000

A Buford man said that a man came to the back door of his business, wearing a mask and hard hat on his head. He pointed a stainless, semi-automatic pistol, possibly a 9mm, at him and told him to open the cash register draw.?
The victim gave him the money, about $100 in cash, and the suspect grabbed about $10 in loose change from the register. The suspect then went to two counters and took three pagers and about 10 fake display phones. He then took the cordless store phone and machine phone off of the receivers.?
At this time, he told the victim to take off all of his clothes, which he did, and to put them in a garbage pail. He then took the victim’s car keys, told him to get under the desk and he left. He dropped the keys and ran out of the back door. ?
Once the suspect was gone, the victim put his clothes back on and ran out of the front door. At the end of the building, a green car almost hit him. The driver was the suspect. The victim got the tag number.?
A witness who was outside said she had observed a man fitting the description with a bag leaving the business at that time. He got into the green car and drove away. As he had walked past her, he actually small-talked with her. ?
Police ran the license number and came up with a name and a address. The suspect came up with a suspended license, as well.
In Duluth, police arrived at an address regarding a domestic call. The victim, who was a child, said that the suspect, a teenager, had the victim get on his knees while the suspect held a BB gun to the victim’s head.?
The complainant was the father of the boy and had not been aware of this incident until this date. The victim told police that the suspect had previously been shooting at the victim and others with the BB gun before he held it to the victim’s head.?
The victim did not know why the suspect did this, stating only that the suspect is “mean.” He further stated that the suspect attempted to fire the gun while it pressed against his head, but it only clicked.
A Dacula woman called 911 from work at a restaurant and told them her child called from home and said that the suspect was parked in front of their house. ?
As an officer entered the subdivision, he saw the suspect driving out. He then saw the suspect park at the restaurant. A radio check confirmed that the suspect had his license canceled for being a habitual violator and he was wanted for stalking.?
He was placed under arrest and he told the officer he had been shooting cocaine IV and that when he saw the patrol cars, he swallowed about 15 pills. Some of these were prescription pain medication and some were sleeping pills. Police called an ambulance for him. ?
EMTs decided the suspect needed to go to the hospital for treatment. At this time, the suspect kept falling in and out of consciousness. At the hospital, he continued to pass out and wake up. They treated him for an overdose and the hospital staff drew blood from him to test for narcotics.
A 26-year-old Norcross man was leaving work to make deliveries and, as he was driving, he was passed by a man who drove by him in the no-passing zone. The victim sounded his horn at the driver.?
The driver then yelled at him, rolled down his passenger side window and pointed a gun at the victim and yelled for him to pull over. The victim got scared and sped away.?
The suspect pulled back up to him and stopped his car, getting out, but the driver was able to take off. The suspect drove by him and the victim was able to get the tag number. The victim went to the nearest police precinct and filed a report.
A 25-year-old woman was in her apartment on Glenridge Drive watching television with her friends when she noticed a strange shadow in the window. When she looked closer, she saw that it was a video camera on a string. ?
Her upstairs neighbors allegedly lowered it from their balcony and were recording her and her friends. She walked onto the porch in time to see the camera quickly ascending into the upstairs apartment.
A 39-year-old Atlanta man was arguing with his 26-year-old roommate. The man told his roommate to leave and not to come back. ?
The younger man was enraged and started to walk out of the apartment. Then, turning toward the other man, he raised his shoes in his handsa menacing manner and said, “I feel like breaking or hurting someone!” ?
The older man shut the door as the roommate shattered the outer glass door with his shoes. The man called the police and the younger man fled the scene. ?

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