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Gwinnett blotter December 02 2000

A 42-year-old Doraville woman called police after her husband, against whom she has a temporary protective order, came to her home and refused to leave when she told him to.
The officer read the protective order, which stated that the husband, who had been evicted from the residence, was to have no contact with the woman. The order gave her sole possession of the house and her car.
She told police when her estranged husband came to her home this time, he got angry and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her off the floor. The woman yelled at him to leave, and he then grabbed her face to keep her from talking. The man grabbed her so hard, her upper lip was bleeding, which she showed to the officer.
The wife said her husband left shortly afterward but took her car keys before leaving. While the officer was talking to the victim, the offender called about five times. She said it sounded like he was on his way back to her house. The officer went to the end of the street and waited for him to return.
When the man came back to his wife’s house, the officer made contact with him. The man said he did not know about the protective order and then changed his story and said he had already seen the judge about it.
The woman was unable to attend the hearing because her husband had taken her car keys. The suspect denied taking the car keys. The man was placed under arrest for aggravated stalking and simple battery.
The officer then searched the man’s truck. Inside a tire sitting in the bed of his truck, the policeman found a set of keys to the woman’s car. She verified they were her car keys.
A police officer was conducting a routine inspection of a restaurant in Duluth regarding compliance with county ordinances pertaining to the sale of alcoholic beverages. He observed about five employees working.
A man identified himself as one of the managers and showed the officer the permits that allowed each of the servers on the floor to sell alcohol. When asked to see the manager’s permit, he said he was not serving because he didn’t have one.
There was not another manager at the location who might have a permit. He said he was the only one.
He told the officer that he did not have a driver’s license to show him. When asked for any form of identification, he said, “I do not have any, I just got out of the pen.”
The manager was issued a citation and became belligerent. He was refusing to sign the citation and becoming threatening. The man then aggressively signed the documents and was given notice to appear in court.
A 40-year-old Atlanta woman was celebrating her birthday with her family at her brother’s house. Her husband wasn’t feeling well so he went home early.
When the woman went home, her husband began to argue with her. He was acting unstable and irrational. He pulled out a pistol and tried to give it to his wife, saying, “A marriage is until death do us part.”
The woman went to sleep but awoke when she felt her husband place the gun to her head. She got up and fled the scene with her four children.
The police arrived on the scene and the man was arrested for aggravated assault.
A 33-year-old Atlanta woman was driving on Peachtree-Dunwoody Road when a Ford Taurus struck her passenger side. The woman stopped and stepped out of her car to assess the damage and speak to the other driver.
When she approached, the other driver accelerated and tried to hit the woman. Then the driver drove over the curb and onto the grass before getting back on the road and driving away.
A police officer traveling on Ga. 316 observed a vehicle weaving right and left over both eastbound lands. The vehicle stopped for a red light, and when the traffic light turned green, it rapidly accelerated, spinning its tires.
The officer turned on his blue lights and stopped the car. The policeman noticed the driver’s face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot. When asked if he’d been drinking, the driver said, “I’ve had quite a few.”
The officer asked the man to step out of his car for a field sobriety evaluation. The driver was unsteady as he exited his vehicle and needed support. He staggered to the rear of his car and had difficulty maintaining his balance.
He was unable to stand and nearly fell, with the officer having to catch him and support him. He was arrested and transported to jail.

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