Gwinnett Blotter December 09 2000

Police officers received a tip that persons inside a Norcross hotel room were selling cocaine. An occupant of a car that an officer had stopped agreed to do a controlled buy of cocaine from the person selling in the room.
The untested informant was given a $20 bill, from which the officers had recorded a serial number. The occupant, referred to in the report as the CI, went to the designated room and the person behind the door told him to leave.
Officers also had received information that someone in a different room in the same hotel was selling rock cocaine. The CI agreed to attempt to purchase cocaine from the occupant of this room. Officers watched the CI knock on the door and enter the room. He was in there about two minutes.
When he came out, he gave the officer a rock of cocaine in a baggie. The man said he purchased it from a man in the room. When asked where the seller had the cocaine stashed, the CI said the man pulled it from the inside his pants. The CI said there were three people in the room.
The cocaine was field tested and came back positive. Because a felony was committed in the presence of an officer, the CI was told to knock on the door again. All three males were told to exit the room and they were secured. The bathroom door was closed and locked, and due to the possibility of a fourth subject in there and the destruction of possible evidence, the officer forced the door open.
A woman was sitting on the toilet and officers reported there was the distinct odor of burned crack cocaine. Also, next to the toilet was a soda can made into what the police believed was a crack pipe.
The woman, who was three months pregnant, was instructed to go into the hallway. The same $20 bill was found on one of the suspects. The man was arrested.
The other man gave consent to a search of the room and the police found suspected rock cocaine behind the television set. It was seized as evidence. One of the men said he had walked into the room by mistake and another said he had only been in the room to smoke pot with his friend. They were all arrested and charged with loitering for the purpose of selling cocaine.
They were transported to jail.
A 33-year-old Norcross man was observed driving at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of his lane from right to left. The driver continuously weaved out of his lane and steadily sped up. He was pulled over.
When the officer approached the car, the driver had rolled down his window and the officer immediately was able to smell a strong odor of alcohol. When asked for his license and insurance, the man began fumbling and attempted to give the officer his work ID card. He did finally produce a Georgia driver's license.
The driver avoided eye contact at first, and when he finally looked up, his eyes were extremely red and bloodshot. He told the officer he had drunk one beer about 20 minutes before being pulled over.
The officer had the driver step out of the car to conduct a field sobriety test. Once out of the car, the driver began to stagger and sway. He did a Karate Kid stance on two occasions and fell onto the ground. The driver also failed the heel-to-toe test and the alcosensor revealed positive results. The driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
A search of his wallet revealed $231. The driver began complaining that the officer had taken his other wallet. He said he had given it to the officer when he showed his ID. He then changed his story and said the wallet should be in his car. He gave consent to have the car searched. When the officer looked into the car, he saw a chrome gun in a black holster, in plain view. The offender said it was not his gun.
Later on, the suspect began yelling at the officer and would not get into the vehicle. He eventually got in and his hair was so greasy that the officer's hands slipped off his head as he was assisting him into the police vehicle. The suspect then said he was an agent of God. The wife of the suspect showed up to drive the car home. When asked to whom the gun belonged, she said it was her husband's. He was arrested and taken to jail.

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