Gwinnett Blotter February 28 2001

A 19-year-old man called police from Peachtree Road to report that his girlfriend, age 19, had walked off with a man. She was supposed to return after 15 minutes, but had been gone for two hours.
When police arrived, the girlfriend had returned. The boyfriend said the man she went off with allegedly raped her.
The girlfriend said she and her boyfriend met a strange man earlier that day. The strange man had walked with them pretty much all day, and ended up at a restaurant on Peachtree Road. At this point, the boyfriend wanted to get rid of the strange man, who identified himself as "Gemini." But the girlfriend wanted to be nice to him and wanted him to stay. The girlfriend winked at her boyfriend and told him she was going for a walk with "Gemini" and would be back in 15 minutes.
According to the girlfriend, she and Gemini wound up at a concert, next to some hotel. Gemini was now carrying her backpack. He bought her a couple of drinks at the concert. From there, they walked to a gas station to buy a soda. At the gas station, they both went into a restroom, where the girlfriend said Gemini "sort of sexually messed with" her.
From there, she didn't know where Gemini went, but he did say he was staying at a specific hotel that evening. Gemini did give the girlfriend his e-mail address, which was "www.nothing.org@nothing."
Police called a sex crimes investigator to the scene. But the girlfriend said all she was interested in was getting her backpack returned to her.
A 40-year-old Hoschton woman, working in Norcross, reported that she had been receiving obscene and harassing phone calls at her office. She had recently been recognized in the local media for an accomplishment.
Since that time, she has received phone calls from a man who uses a lot of obscene and profane language. The man calls on the pretext that he wants her business, but then begins talking about different sexually oriented things he would like to do to her.
He has called several different times and uses different names and different phone numbers where he can be reached each time. The victim said she tricked the man into hanging up on her and calling back on a single line so that she could star 69 him.
She told police she was in fear from him and that she was worried he might try to harm her or one of her employees. The victim was also referred to the phone company for further assistance.
A 45-year-old Lawrenceville man reported his 21-year-old daughter missing, concerned that she is diagnosed as bipolar and is taking Lithium, Depacote and Prozac, which stabilize her condition.
Her father advised that when she left, she did not take any of her medication or clothes. He advised that this was out of character for her.
He said she had been talking to a Marine stationed in South Carolina, who came to Gwinnett County over the weekend. Her father believes she left to go back to South Carolina with the man.
Her father said she without her medication, his daughter will become very unstable.
A police officer was working part-time at a local mall when he was advised of a forgery that occurred recently. The loss prevention officer said a man entered their store and attempted to purchase $461 worth of merchandise.
The complainant was told about the suspicious check and out-of-state ID card and asked that the suspect be brought back to his office. When the suspect reached the loss prevention office, he quickly turned around and briskly walked back across the store and out of the door. They were unable to locate the suspect.
The check was issued in the name of a 73-year-old LaGrange, Ga., man and the ID card was an obvious fake.
The victim said he had not authorized anyone to use his check. It appeared that the suspect obtained his name and address and ordered checks to be delivered where he could pick them up.
The suspect had left behind a wallet, which contained a grocery store value card. The store was contacted and the bar code number at the bottom turned up the name of a man who lives in Atlanta. The address given does not exist, so the phone number was checked and another address given. No one answered the phone. At this time, the officer was unable to locate any more information on the suspect.
A 34-year-old Grayson woman told police that she received a threatening phone call on her cell phone, with the caller stating, "[...] can shoot your ass." Then the caller hung up.
The victim recognized the voice as a woman she had met earlier that day when they had an argument over a traffic incident.
The police were given the suspect's cell number, vehicle make and tag number.
With contribution by Lauren Keating.

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