Gwinnett Blotter March 28 2001

A 26-year-old Jonesboro man went to a health spa on Cheshire Bridge Road in Atlanta for a massage. According to the man, a female employee in a blue dress came into the room and started to give him a massage. She then asked him if he wanted to fuck, adding that it would cost him $200. When the man said no, the female employee hit him with a towel and walked out of the room.

The man told police he was charged $45 for a two-minute massage. (He showed police the receipt for the massage.)

The female employee told police she gave him a 30-minute massage and did not ask him for sex.

An officer was conduting an area check one night at a Lawrenceville park when he saw a naked man running through the parking lot.

When the officer exited his patrol car, the suspect ran into the woods. The officer ran after him but quickly lost visual contact. Another officer arrived on the scene to assist.

They could not locate the suspect and summoned the K-9 unit to assist. They were still unable to locate the suspect after searching for nearly an hour. The officers then asked to have the Gwinnett County Aviation Unit assist in the search, but the unit was unavailable. They requested the same of the DeKalb air unit, but it too was unavailable.

At this point, officers on the scene were concerned for the suspect because of the cold weather and that the suspect was unclothed in the woods for more than two hours.

The officers identified a car in the parking lot and traced the owner, the brother of the suspect. The brother was contacted and arrived at the scene. He said his brother had come home at midnight and left shortly thereafter. He said his brother had no history of medical problems or arrest records. An officer followed the brother back home and searched the house for the suspect, but he was not at the residence.

Several hours later, the brother called the police and said that his brother the suspect had returned home.

The officers went to the residence and made contact with him. He admitted to being in the park and running from the original officer.

He also said that had left the scene and went back to a place in the woods where he had placed his clothes and eventually walked home.

He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and violating the open hours of a restricted public area. He was transported to jail fully clothed.

Police were dispatched to investigate a robbery at a Norcross store on Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

Upon arrival, the victim/complainant, a clerk, said that a man had approached her register as she was getting ready to make a cash drop. She had about $300 in a bag.

The suspect reached over the counter while the register was still open. He told her to put the rest of the money in the bag. She replied, "No," and began to close the register drawer.

The suspect then, with his right hand, grabbed her around the neck and pushed her up against the wall behind her and held her there. With his left hand he stopped the drawer from closing and grabbed a handful of money. He then released her, grabbed the money bag and ran out of the door.

The suspect got into a car occupied by two other men and fled.

Police responded to a person being stabbed call at a Norcross motel.

When they arrived, they found that the city police were already there, working on a man who was sitting on the ground. The victim refused treatment from the fire department.

The officer asked the man how bad the cut was and the medics stated that it was not that bad and they bandaged it up.

The city police said they could not get a real name from the victim and could not understand this because he was the victim. It appeared that the victim was intoxicated and high on drugs.

The victim was again asked what had happened. He said he wanted to talk to his attorney. Although the police told him he was not under arrest, he kept giving them fake names. He finally slurred his real name and date of birth.

The police ran his name and found that there was a warrant out on him for a DUI in DeKalb County.

The victim then told police that he was down the street when he went back to see a woman, the suspect. He said there was a confrontation with the woman and she stabbed him.

The police found the suspect, a guest at the motel, and arrested her. They searched the room and found the knife.

With contribution by Lauren Keating. The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.??

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