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The Blotter: Out of tune

EDITOR’S NOTE: Specific content from this story, including the illustration and all comments, has been removed out of concern that the information contained within posed a potential threat to a reader’s well-being. Creative Loafing is taking the appropriate steps to verify that all information was presented in a factual and responsible manner.

Mail envy

Trouble broke out at a post office in Capitol View. The culprit? A former postman, who used to work there. A female employee called police and said the ex-postman was ranting about getting wayward mail delivered to his home a few blocks away. The ex-postman “expressed his frustrations in regards to mail being delivered to the wrong address,” the employee noted. “[The ex-postman says] the carrier keeps delivering mail to the wrong address despite there being no feasible explanation for this.” The employee allowed the ex-postman to fill out a standard complaint form, upon which he said “he continuously receives mail at his home despite there being no correlation with the name of the recipient, the street address, or the street number.” Also, the ex-postman says the current mail carrier for his neighborhood is “unfit to perform his daily tasks.” As the ex-postman turned in his complaint form, he alledgedly muttered, “I’m going to go postal on this carrier.”

“Due to these words being known to commonly be used in conjunction with an act of violence,” the employee called police, the U.S. Postal Police, and the U.S. Postal Inspector to document the incident.

Paranoia on board

A 30-year-old Norcross man with a blotchy, red face went berserk on a plane — while sitting in first class — from the moment the plane took off from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. According to the pilot, the Norcross man threw things at other passengers and cursed for the entire one-and-a-half-hour flight. Moments after landing, the pilot called cops and demanded that they remove the unruly passenger before anyone else got off. Two cops arrived and asked the man to leave the plane. The Norcross man refused and “became erratic,” an officer wrote. He kept screaming that the cops were really “enemy agents!” According to the police report, the man “began shouting that there was a bomb on the plane and that he was going to blow the plane up if he was removed from the flight.” But the man had no weapons. The cop decided the man was either A) having a psychotic break down or B-) had an ongoing mental illness. “I had to physically remove him from the plane,” the cop noted.

The cop noticed the man’s blotchy, red face as well as scratches and bruises on his body. Medics determined that the “scratches and bruises were old, and the blotches on his face was a form of dermatitis.” Eventually, cops got him off the plane, carried him away in handcuffs, and took him to precinct for a mental evaluation.

Expensive horny adventure

A 44-year-old Pennsylvania man decided to experiment with anonymous sex during a trip to Atlanta — big mistake. The man answered a Craigslist ad from a woman that read: “Who wants to play on this Brice [sic] rainy day (downtown Decatur)? I’m 5’1 weight 150 lookin’ to have some fun on this rainy day. I’ve never tryed [sic] white cock before so I would love to try it...Please be fun guy.” Intrigued, the Pennsylvania man arranged to meet the mystery woman. First, the woman told him to buy some booze and go to an apartment on Mount Gilead Road. So he did. Then, someone at the apartment told him to meet the mystery lady at a home a few blocks away. So he went.

The trouble started soon after he pulled up to the house. Two men and a woman reportedly attacked the Pennsylvania man, took all his stuff, locked him in garage, and ordered him to remove his pants and underwear. Then they took his cell phone, eyeglasses, wallet, GPS, $1,500 cash, and two handguns, and forced him to give up his PIN number or they’d shoot him. Then they threw him down the basement steps and drove away in his car. Eventually, the Pennsylvania man escaped from the basement, ran across the street to a neighbor’s house and called police. Cops found the Pennsylvania man naked from waist down and straining to see without his glasses. Had some bruises on his legs, but otherwise he was relatively OK.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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