The Blotter: Out on a limb (2)

A 21-year-old female clerk recently had a rough day at a Little Five Points boutique. A woman with one leg reportedly barged into the boutique and got in the clerk's face. At one point, the one-legged woman left the boutique and started yelling at the clerk through the store window. The woman eventually stormed back into the boutique and knocked accessories off the counter and reportedly punched the clerk's face.

"After being escorted out, [the woman with one leg] then kicked the door and even spit on it," a cop noted in the police report. It's not clear how a woman with one leg kicked the boutique door. When police arrived, the one-legged woman suddenly disappeared.

Swimming pool blues

A blonde woman in her 40s swiped an Atlanta police officer's keys while she was poolside at a Midtown apartment complex. The officer was not on duty at the time. Apparently, he was lounging poolside as well. The officer called an on-duty cop to the pool to help retrieve his keys. They went to the woman's apartment and heard loud music booming from inside. After the officers knocked on the door there was a long pause.

A cop recalled: "The door swung open and a blonde female with dark glasses answered the door saying, 'You need to chill out and not knock on my door like that.'"

The first cop told the woman she was under arrest for stealing the officer's keys. The woman replied, "Wait, I am not under arrest. I have your keys, serves you right." The woman ran to her purse, grabbed the keys, and hurled them toward the second cop. "I caught the keys and confirmed with [the first cop] that they were his; he said they were." The woman resisted arrest.

"To take control of the situation, [the first cop] pinned [the woman] to the wall, and I held [her] in place," the second cop recalled. "[The woman] admitted taking the keys to prove a point to the first cop, whom she felt was being rude to her friend earlier that day. She advised that she did take his keys from the pool area and was going to keep them for a while before she returned them. [The woman] also advised she knows it was wrong and apologized."

No clue what the first cop alledgedly said to the blonde woman's friend that she considered rude enough to go to jail over.

Ball of confusion

The female owner of an insurance business on the Westside was assisting customers when a young boy threw a basketball up against her glass window by accident. The woman went outside and asked the boy to move his game down the street. The child agreed to move elsewhere. Suddenly, a random grown woman (not the boy's mother) snatched the ball from the child, hurled the ball violently at the glass, and said, "Bitch, what you going to do now?" Then the random woman rushed forward and alledgedly punched the insurance woman's face while two security guards looked on.

The insurance woman called police. Two cops arrived but the woman said nothing was done because the two cops said they had a shooting to go to.

Road trip snafu

Two females in their 20s recently drove from Columbus, Georgia, to the West End. They told police they became tired and decided to park near a barbershop, where they fell asleep in the car. The older woman, 24, said her car was perfectly fine before their impromptu nap. Post-nap, however, the women discovered the car was severely damaged. Neither woman knew how the car became damaged while they slept.

"[The 24-year-old] said they were hard sleepers and did not hear anything," a cop noted. The younger woman, 20, reportedly kept yelling louder and louder and resisted arrest. The older woman saw her friend imploding and suddenly changed her story: Her friend was driving the car and must have caused the damage. Cops didn't buy it. The older woman alledgedly became furious when cops said they couldn't do a damaged car report on damage that likely occurred long before the car arrived in Atlanta. Outraged, both women went to jail and were charged with obstructing police.

Good guys rule

A Grant Park man was asleep when someone started knocking on his front door at 2 a.m. The man, 37, looked out his window and saw a 24-year-old woman pounding on his door. He'd never met the woman before. He opened the door and tried to speak to the woman but she didn't respond. A cop later noted, "[The man] advised me that he let her in because he did not want [the 24-year-old woman] to get taken advantage of because she appeared to be intoxicated." The man allowed the woozy woman to sit on his sofa and she promptly fell asleep, so he called 911 to get help.

When a cop arrived, the woman was "passed out on the man's sofa" and had "vomited all over herself." The cop tried to wake the woman, but she kept snoozing. The cop had to call backup units to rouse her. Finally, the woman opened her eyes. The cop asked, "Where are you right now?" The woman replied, "Valdosta State University — just coming from a party." No injuries.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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