The Blotter: Ring of fire

A 44-year-old Buckhead man said a total stranger keeps calling, texting, and harassing him. It all started on Christmas Eve. The stranger called the Buckhead man and warned him to stay away from his girlfriend. The Buckhead man replied that he didn't know the man's girlfriend, but the calls kept coming. The stranger alledgedly said he owns guns and will shoot the Buckhead man. Also, the stranger threatened to jump the Buckhead man at work. Finally, the Buckhead man told the stranger "enough is enough" and demanded to meet the stranger in person. (Great idea, let's meet the stranger wacko in person!) So they met for drinks at a Buckhead restaurant on New Year's Day.

After the meeting, the Buckhead man thought his message finally got through: stay away. The next day, the stranger called him 21 times, left two threatening messages totaling three minutes, and sent six text messages. According to the police report, the stranger said, "You will be lucky if I shoot you, because I like stabbing people better." Finally, the Buckhead guy went to police and filed a report.

CALL THE SHOTS: Some weirdo keeps calling various Atlanta city schools. Alledgedly, the caller voices his displeasure with the actions of [Superintendent] Erroll Davis. According to the police report, the caller threatens to have Davis fired and repeatedly calls Davis "a racist." The caller never mentions any physical threats, he just "makes it very apparent that he is unhappy with" the superintendent's actions.

The caller's telephone number is clearly displayed — it's a number from Arizona. Police made a note of the harassing communications.

CALL IT OFF! In Cabbagetown, a man who runs a marketing firm said some stranger cold-called his business from a 1-800 number. So the Cabbagetown man hung up. According to the police report, that angered the caller, so he dialed the number again and said, "Listen here, little man, I'll put your name on a constant call list, fucker." Again, the Cabbagetown man hung up. But the stranger kept calling and saying more wacky stuff.

The Cabbagetown man filed a police report and asked Comcast to do something to block the phone number.

MOUTHFUL OF TROUBLE: A 35-year-old woman approached an undercover officer working in Adair Park. She hopped into the officer's unmarked car and said, "What you want?" The officer said he wanted some head. The woman asked: Are you the police? No, the officer responded. "Then put your penis in my mouth," the woman demanded. The officer asked if that was free. The woman said she wants to "put my mouth on it first and discuss the price afterward," the cop noted.

The woman was promptly arrested on a prostitution charge.

WATCH OUT BELOW: At an enormous office tower in Atlantic Station, a security guard was sitting in the lobby at around 5 a.m. when she heard a large bang. She looked outside and realized a huge glass window suddenly fell from the 25th floor and shattered onto 17th Street, covering the road with broken glass. No one was hurt (probably since it was 5 a.m.).

A cop went up to the 25th-floor office to check it out, but no one was there. No signs of why the window spontaneously shattered. Large glass shards were still attached to the window frame. Atlantic Station said it contacted an engineer about how to remove the rest of the glass.

HIDDEN IN THE LOO: A cleaning lady found a gun underneath a trash can in the third-floor bathroom of Fulton County Pretrial Services on Peachtree Street. The gun was a fully loaded Taurus semi-automatic handgun. "It had 10 hollow point rounds in the clip, plus one in the chamber," and officer noted. Apparently, someone was able to get the gun through the court's security system. The gun's safety was on.

Police did a background check. Turns out the gun is confirmed stolen out of Fulton County. Next time, don't take a stolen gun to court.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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