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Two Sandy Springs men were enjoying the recent KISS/Def Leppard concert when things got ugly. A drunk married couple went berserk while standing behind the men. The 36-year-old man and his wife were reportedly very argumentative. At one point, the drunk man pushed the two Sandy Springs guys, telling them to "move!"

The Sandy Springs men exchanged terse words with the unruly man and wife, and then went back to watching the concert. The calm lasted only moments — less than one song. Suddenly, the two Sandy Springs men "felt a warm stream of liquid on their legs and pants, causing them to turn around and [witness] the [36-year-old man's] penis out of his pants, urinating on them," the cop wrote. The two guys were outraged and tried to stop the 36-year-old from peeing on them. The drunk man's wife stepped in and blocked the two Sandy Springs men. "Some mutual pushing took place" between all parties, the cop reported, but concert security was able to break up the tussle before it escalated further.

The cop spoke with the 36-year-old pisser. "I could tell he was intoxicated because I am currently assigned to a DUI task force," the cop explained. "I am a Drug Recognition Expert, and have many encounters with people who have consumed alcohol and drugs." The cop arrested the 36-year-old.

Rock 'n' roll all night

In Little Five Points, a restaurant bar manager called police about a boozy man causing trouble. A cop arrived to deal with the troublemaker. The man "was extremely intoxicated and said he had been drinking tequila at nearby bars and was trying to get home," the cop wrote. "[The man] urinated on himself while I was talking to him, and stated he was too drunk to stand up. [He] had scratches on his knees and said it was from falling down every time he tried to stand up."

The cop arrested the man for drunk and disorderly and found four pocket knives in his pants, but the cop ran into a bigger problem when he tried to get the suspect into his patrol car. The drunk man "couldn't stand up to get in my car, and due to his heavy body weight [more than 300 pounds] Grady medics arrived on scene" to lift him and transport him to jail. According to the cop, the man "thanked me after arresting him and stated he loved police but wanted to keep partying."

Calling Dr. Love

An Atlanta man called police about problems with his wife's ex-lover. The husband said his wife had a relationship with a co-worker and she ended the fling months ago, but the ex-paramour keeps contacting both the husband and wife, threatening to release "incriminating photos" of the wife. The ex-lover sent an obscene email to the husband detailing their affair.

Days later, the ex-lover sent another email apologizing for his venom and copied his own wife on the email. About 10 days later, the ex-lover sent another email with the subject line: "I still love you, Boo." In that email, he once again threatened to release incriminating photos if the wife didn't call him for "closure purposes."

Love gun

An undercover cop was recently driving around town when a pert, brazen woman walked up to his car. "I asked her what she was doing tonight," the cop wrote. "I suck dick," the woman responded. "I asked the female how much would she hit me for," the cop noted. "She said, 'Do you have a $10?' I agreed to the act [and] the female got into the car." The 34-year-old woman hails from East Point. She went to jail on prostitution charges.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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