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Smoke rising from a suitcase set off a scare at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The burning luggage was on a conveyer belt en route to an airplane. A Bomb Squad tech examined the suitcase and "located a battery charger and two large battery packs," a cop noted. "One battery had shortened and burned up, also burning a nearby shoe in the suitcase." Cops found the suitcase's owner, a 29-year-old woman from Villa Rica. Authorities told her that her luggage had caught on fire and that the Bomb Squad ditched her rouge battery, the charger, and her burnt shoe, then released the luggage. The woman calmly continued with her trip.

Stupendous sucker: A very naïve Gwinnett County man said a dude named "Biggie" drove off with his car in downtown Atlanta on Forsyth Street. Apparently, the 43-year-old Gwinnett man works downtown and said he has let Biggie wash his car for more than a year. Sometimes, the Gwinnett man even gives Biggie the car keys so he can walk around and do errands while his car is being cleaned. Of course, the reporting officer wanted more details on Biggie. The Gwinnett man said he didn't know Biggie's real name. And no, Biggie doesn't work for a legal car washing business — he just washes cars on the street. "Since he gave Biggie his car keys, it could not be a theft," the officer wrote. Biggie is now cruising around in the man's black Mercedes.

Sole-searching: In Candler Park, a trusting man said he rented his second home to a woman named "Chastity." Soon after moving in, Chastity stopped paying rent so the man decided to swing by for chat. When he walked in most of his belongings were gone. He believes Chastity stole his stuff and skipped town. Here's why he's heartbroken: The man's prized collection of 400 pairs of shoes is missing from the guest room. Other items reported stolen: Three gray filing cabinets, a black Mac computer, two flat-screen televisions, miscellaneous straw hats, two black Rolex watches, and a five-gallon bucket and his Harley-Davidson bank filled with change and bills.

Quote unquote: In Lake Claire, a 33-year-old woman parked her car outside a home on Lakeshore Drive around 5 p.m. When she returned two hours later, her passenger window had been smashed. Items reported stolen include: The woman's Coach bag, a pink jump drive, and her white iPad with a light blue cover engraved with the words "Work hard and amazing things will happen."

Spirits and spells: An adult grandson got into a scrape with his grandmother in Vine City. When cops arrived, the 44-year-old grandson was sitting in a chair outside the Maple Drive home. The grandson said he was "hearing voices and someone has been putting voodoo" on him. He wasn't sure whether his grandmother might be the voodoo source.

Apparently, the grandson argued with his 76-year-old grandmother and started throwing things. The grandmother tried to calm him down and somehow a flying object hit her right eyebrow. The grandmother had no idea how she got the minor injury. The grandson went to Grady Memorial Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Um, just forgot?: On a busy Friday, a TSA agent was scanning items as people walked through the main airport security checkpoint. Suddenly, the TSA agent spotted a gun inside a black purse. The handgun belonged to a 57-year-old Snellville woman, a retired FBI agent, who said she forgot that the gun was in her purse. Cops took her to the airport precinct, where they verified her retired FBI badge. A police captain made the final determination to "release the woman and allow her to continue with her flight."

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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