The Blotter October 28 2000

A security officer at a home-improvement superstore on Sidney Marcus Boulevard said a suspect entered the store and filled out an application for a store credit card. The name on the application was that of a woman from Indianapolis, Ind. When store employees checked the application information, they found out that the suspect wasn't really the woman from Indianapolis, Ind. ?
Instead, the suspect was a 37-year-old man, who was wearing a long brown wig, and was dressed as a woman. The man was about 6 feet tall and weighed about 250 pounds. ?
The female impersonator was promptly arrested and searched. Police uncovered a forged identification card with the Indianapolis woman's name on it. ?
A police officer called the woman in Indianapolis, Ind. She said the 37-year-old man had fraudulently established accounts in her name in several locations in metro Atlanta.
A 37-year-old man said he was working near the front window of his home on East Paces Ferry Road. He looked outside and saw a silver GMC Suburban parked in front of his house. The 37-year-old could see the driver who was motionless. The 37-year-old walked outside to check on the driver. The 37-year-old knocked on the car window and spoke to the driver, but the driver didn't respond. The driver's eyes were open and staring into the distance, said the 37-year-old. ?
The 37-year-old thought that the driver might be a diabetic suffering from a seizure, so he called 911. ?
Units dispatched to the scene included a fire rescue unit, a medical unit and a police officer. ?
The police officer questioned the driver, a 51-year-old man from Marietta who was wearing khaki pants and a plaid shirt. The driver kept saying the word "what" and had difficulty maintaining his balance. ?
When the driver stepped out of the car, the officer noticed two empty bottles of Jagermeister in the driver's side door. ?
The driver was arrested for DUI.
A 29-year-old woman and a 27-year-old woman, both from Ellenwood, Ga., went to a restaurant on Peachtree Street. They ordered some food from a male waiter who was heavyset and had gray hair. After some time and confusion on the waiter's part, the 27-year-old woman asked to speak with the restaurant manager. The waiter became upset, ran over and started yelling at the two women. He then hit both women in the head with a menu. ?
The waiter then left the restaurant.
A police sergeant asked a homeless man to leave a courtyard next to a MARTA station on Peachtree Street. The homeless man, age 44, stood up and said he was tired of being told to leave everywhere. The sergeant told the homeless man that if he refused to leave, he would be arrested. ?
Go ahead and try, said the homeless man. ?
The sergeant told the homeless man to put his hands behind his back.?
The homeless man stood and looked at the sergeant. ?The sergeant grabbed the homeless man's left arm and put it behind his back. The sergeant then attempted to grab the right arm, but the homeless man twisted away from him. ?The sergeant eventually managed to get control of both arms and handcuffed the homeless man. He was then escorted to a security office. En route, the homeless man said that he wanted to be arrested, he was tired of sleepless nights and the street life. The homeless man received some minor scratches on his face during the scuffle to get him handcuffed, but he refused medical treatment. "[The homeless man] was asked to leave the property due to his loitering, body odor and not wearing any shoes."

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