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The Blotter November 18 2000

On Hasty Place, an officer was approached by a 36-year-old bald man with gold teeth and Fu Man Chu facial hair. “Lock me up,” said the man. “I hit her in the head with a stick.” ?
The officer put the man in the patrol car. The officer then approached an ambulance, which had been called for the man’s 24-year-old girlfriend. ?
She said: The girlfriend told police that she came over to talk to the 36-year-old boyfriend about keeping their child and an argument ensued. She told him if he could keep someone else’s child then he could keep his own to allow her to get a job. She said she then handed the baby to the boyfriend in a forceful way. The boyfriend sat the child on the ground. Then the boyfriend hit her head and wrist with a wrench, and then picked up a stick and beat her with it. ?
He said: The boyfriend told police that he and his girlfriend got into an argument and he walked off. He said she threw the baby at him as he walked away. He caught the baby and sat the baby on the ground. He said he then hit her in the head with a stick, and hit her arm with a wrench.” ?
The man was charged with aggravated assault.?

An officer wrote in a police report, “I was dispatched to a call of two women, one naked, engaged in oral sex.”
Two officers went to the scene, a parking lot behind an apartment complex on Euclid Avenue. ?
A 33-year-old heavyset woman was lying on the seat of a truck with her legs hanging out the passenger-side door and her pants down. ?
A 21-year-old woman with long strawberry blonde hair, “was outside the truck, crouched down, with her face between [the 33-year-old’s] legs, appearing to be performing the act of oral sex,” the officer wrote. ?
The women realized the police were present and got inside the truck and closed the door before officers approached them. ?
Both women were charged with public indecency. Both were under the influence of alcohol. ?

On Pryor Road, an undercover officer said a 42-year-old woman came over to his car and asked if he was “a police,” according to the police report.
“I said no,” the officer wrote in the police report. “The female got in and directed me [to a street address on] Pryor Circle where she introduced me to a female at that location named Precious, a 34-year-old woman, very thin, wearing tennis shoes and a dress. The female told me that Precious would have sex with me for $25 and I would have to give her $5 for providing Precious for me.” ?
Both women were arrested. ?

An undercover officer pulled into a gas station on Cleveland Avenue and Brownsmill Road. The officer was approached by a 32-year-old man, who asked the undercover officer what he was looking for.
“I told him a female,” the officer wrote in his report. “The subject said, ‘Oh you want some pussy.’ The subject said pull over right her and I’ll go get a woman for you. The subject said there’s a girl right across the street that I can get to date you.” ?
The 32-year-old man walked across the street, got a female and brought her back to the undercover officer. ?
“The subject told her this man is looking for a date. The female looked into the car and recognized me and told [the 32-year-old] that I was a police.”?
The undercover officer called for a uniformed cop. The man was arrested for pimping. According to the police report, the woman was not arrested. ?

A 31-year-old woman on White Oak Avenue said she woke up one morning and went outside to her car, a green Mitsubishi Montero. The hatchback door of her car had been hit with an egg.
The woman said this was not the first time and she thinks that her car was egged because she started a Neighborhood Watch program. Someone had also spray-painted “fuck bitch” on the sidewalk, but this had been reported on an earlier date.

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