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The Blotter November 25 2000

A 30-YEAR-OLD WOMAN said a female friend came to her apartment on Mobile Street. The friend, age 31, had auburn hair, gold teeth and was under the influence of alcohol.
According to the 30-year-old, her friend stole her new sneakers — which were worth more than $100 — and left the apartment. ?
The 30-year-old followed her friend up the street and demanded that she give back the sneakers. ?
“Come and get them, here they are,” said the friend. ?
When the 30-year-old reached down to get the shoes, the friend pulled a broken bottle from behind her back and repeatedly stabbed the 30-year-old in the right forearm. ?
The 30-year-old was taken to Grady Hospital and treated for deep lacerations. Police eventually located and arrested the “friend.”
A 39-YEAR-OLD WOMAN in an apartment on Greenwood Avenue called police and reported that her husband’s wedding band had been stolen.
The woman said a man in his 30s, who had a very large growth on his neck, came to her home and asked if she had any work for him to do. The man had performed work for the woman in the past. ?
She let him come into the apartment. Shortly before he arrived, the woman had cleaned her husband’s diamond wedding band and put in on a table. ?
The woman told the man there was no work for him to do, and he left. ?
Five minutes later, the woman noticed that the ring was gone. She immediately got in her car and drove to a nearby Taco Bell. The woman said when the man had done work for her in the past, she had picked him up at Taco Bell several times, and Taco Bell was a regular hangout spot for him. ?
When the woman arrived at Taco Bell, she saw the man. He took off running. ?
The woman told police that about six weeks before the theft of the wedding band, she received a phone call from a police officer. The officer said he saw a man in the area and stopped him for suspicion. According to the woman, the officer told her that the man said he was in the area to do labor work for her. She told the officer that she had not asked the man to do any work for her that evening. ?
The officer had warned her that the man was extremely dangerous and had been arrested several times before. According to the woman, the man was arrested that evening and served 28 nights in jail. While in jail, the man wrote letters to the woman, explaining how he had changed and how he was saved by God. The woman said that was the reason she let him into her apartment when he knocked. ?
The husband’s diamond wedding band is valued at $4,000.
A 23-YEAR-OLD WOMAN who lives in an apartment on Conley Road called 911 and said her live-in boyfriend was throwing her belongings outside.
An officer went to the apartment. Both the boyfriend and the girlfriend said they had been having an argument. The girlfriend said she asked the boyfriend’s male friend to leave the apartment. The boyfriend said his friend would only leave if the girlfriend left, too. ?
The girlfriend started arguing with the male friend, and the boyfriend pulled the girlfriend away. ?
The girlfriend then took the boyfriend’s two television sets (worth $700) and threw them over the front balcony, destroying them. ?
The boyfriend retaliated by tossing the girlfriend’s stereo ($500), VCR ($300) and laptop computer ($700) off the balcony. ?
Both were arrested and taken to jail.
ON BOULEVARD, an undercover male officer said a 29-year-old man got in his car and asked for a ride. ?
The 29-year-old “addressed me as ‘officer’ and I told him I was not a cop,” the officer wrote later in a police report. “[The 29-year-old] displayed his breasts to me while riding north on Parkway Drive. [The 29-year-old] also reached over and fondled my groin area. I told him I’d have to pull over and did so and placed [the 29-year-old] under arrest. ?
The 29-year-old was charged with simple battery.

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