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The Blotter December 02 2000

A 26-year-old female manager of a McDonald’s on Cleveland Avenue notified police that a man has been calling the restaurant and harassing her. According to the manager, the caller said, “My name is Michael Jackson, I have a limousine waiting for you, I watch you all the time, what color panties do you have on, I know you where (sic) glasses, and where is the girl with the missing teeth.”
The manager said the man has been calling for a month. She said she must have served him in the past because he knows what every employee in the store looks like. She doesn’t think the suspect’s real name is Michael Jackson. Police were given a phone number on the caller.
A 22-year-old woman called police and said every day while she is at work, she receives a threatening phone call from two acquaintances, a 21-year-old woman and a 34-year-old woman.
They call her a stupid bitch and accuse her of sleeping with her boss. ?
The 21-year-old suspect said the 22-year-old owes her $20 and is threatening to kick her ass.
A 26-year-old man parked his ‘83 blue Pontiac Bonneville at the parking lot of a grocery store on Headland Drive. He then walked into the store. While he was inside, he said, “one of the store workers said over the intercom that a car was on fire in the parking lot.”
The man went into the parking lot and saw that his car was on fire and called 911. ?
The man told police that his car “had an oil leak.”
An undercover officer reported that a 39-year-old woman flagged him down at the intersection of Boulevard and 1st Avenue. The officer turned his car around, and the woman hopped in.
The officer wrote in his report, “She got in and asked if I was the police. I stated no are you and she said ‘no.’ I stated what do you do she stated what you want. I stated what you do and she said head and sex. I stated how much and she stated how much you donating. I stated how much I need to donate and she stated you got twenty I state yeah. She stated do you have a condom I stated no I’ll go to the Amoco they cheaper there. ?
I then drove her to the rear of the Atlanta Police Zone 6 Precinct where there was 5 marked patrol cars. As I turned into the driveway [the woman] opened the passenger attempting to jump out my vehicle. I grab [the woman] by her jacket holding her in my vehicle.” ?
The woman was charged with prostitution, solicitation of sodomy, “idle and loitering” and obstruction.
A 37-year-old man who lives in an apartment on Memorial Drive, called police.
An officer detailed the incident in a police report: “The victim when I arrived on call was under the influence of alcohol so bad I could not understand him at times while taking the report. The victim stated that a [unknown man] had knocked on his back door and he let him in? I asked the victim why he let the unknown [man] in? He could not say why he just looked at me. He then went on to say that the subject pulled out a black 9mm handgun and told him to get on the floor. Then the subject went into the victim’s pocket and took 3,000 dollars and left the area.”?
The officer searched the area for the suspect, but did not find anyone. The victim was not injured.
A 31-year-old Douglasville man said he gave an unknown man a ride home in his car. The unknown man, who had a crew cut and facial stubble, asked the 31-year-old to pull over. When they stopped on Ponce de Leon Avenue, the unknown man punched the 31-year-old in the mouth, grabbed the 31-year-old’s Panasonic camcorder worth $1,100, got out of the car, and ran away.

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