The Blotter March 28 2001

A 26-year-old Jonesboro man went to a health spa on Cheshire Bridge Road for a massage. According to the man, a female employee in a blue dress came into the room and started to give him a massage. She then asked him if he wanted to fuck, adding that it would cost him $200. When the man said no, the female employee hit him with a towel and walked out of the room.

The man told police he was charged $45 for a two-minute massage. (He showed police the receipt for the massage.)

The female employee told police she gave him a 30-minute massage and did not ask him for sex.

At a strip club on Metropolitan Parkway, a 31-year-old female customer said a dancer who goes by the nickname "Bacardi" became angry because the customer was getting a lap dance from another dancer that Bacardi was involved with.

The female customer said she and the dancer who was giving her the lap dance were involved with each other about two years ago. She thinks that's why Bacardi became angry and struck her with a chair.

The customer said she would take out a warrant against Bacardi.

A 23-year-old woman called police to report an argument with her boyfriend, 19, whom she knows only as "Lil' Man."

According to the officer's report, "[The woman] and Lil' Man have been dating for eight months but she doesn't know his real name. [The woman] explained that Lil' Man and her were arguing over getting her vehicle out of impound."

The day before, Lil' Man led police on a high-speed chase and was able to escape by bailing from the vehicle.

During the argument with the girlfriend, Lil' Man became enraged and started beating her with a baby stroller, possibly breaking her right index finger. He fled before police arrived.

On the police report, Lil' Man's occupation was listed as "THUG."

A 46-year-old Chicago woman was pulled over on Peachtree Road for driving with no headlights.

When the officer approached the woman, she was holding a bank card in her left hand.

The officer asked her what she was holding.

"I have nothing in my hand to drink," replied the woman.

The officer asked what the card was in her hand.

According to the police report, the woman looked at her hand and "in a slurred thick tongue stated, 'nothing.' "

The woman was arrested for DUI.

An 18-year-old man on Oakview Road said his father came to his residence and accused him of stealing a leather jacket of his. The 18-year-old said he didn't have the jacket.

The 18-year-old said his father demanded that he empty his pockets to see if he had a pawn slip for the jacket. The 18-year-old refused, and the father pushed him against the wall and choked him.

The 18-year-old said his father works for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department in the jail. The 18-year-old said his father drew a police baton and struck him in the left arm several times, as well as the left shin and the right thigh. The son had visible redness and swelling in the areas he claimed to be struck.

"The markings seemed to be consistent with that of a collapsible type baton," noted the reporting officer.

An ID unit responded to the scene and took photos of the injuries. The victim said he would seek medical treatment at a later time.

A 33-year-old man on Lockwood Drive said he went out to get his mail and noticed that someone had put a metal cross in his yard. He picked up the cross and threw it in the back yard, near a tree.

He told police that he isn't having any problems with anyone and that someone could have made a mistake by placing the cross in his yard. He asked that a report be filed in case of future incidents.

The Blotter is taken entirely from Atlanta police reports.??

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