The Blotter April 25 2001

A 28-year-old man walked into a police station and said that two days ago, a woman knocked on the door of his apartment on Lindbergh Drive. He described the woman as age 25-28, with black hair, green eyes and wearing a green dress.

He added that the woman had the word "Sex" tattooed on her lower back.

The man said the woman offered sex in exchange for money. His friends invited the woman inside.

The 28-year-old said he was about to take a shower and had taken all his clothes off in the bathroom. He said the woman asked if she could use the bathroom and walked inside. When she exited the bathroom, the man immediately checked his pants, which were lying on the bathroom floor, because the man was keeping $5,800 in his pockets. The man discovered that $3,000 was missing.

The man tried to confront the woman, but she ran from the apartment. The man told police that he had been drinking all day and was extremely drunk when the incident took place.

At a club on Cheshire Bridge Road a 32-year-old Alabama woman said two security guards grabbed her by the breast and pushed her out the door.

A police officer asked why the security guards grabbed her, and she "did not say," according to the police report.

The two security guards said the woman didn't want to pay to get into the club. They said she became loud when they asked her to pay admission and refused to pay. The guards said they grabbed her by the waist and escorted her outside the club.

The woman was intoxicated. No charges were filed.

A manager at McDonald's on Forsyth Street said around 12:30 p.m., a new female cashier, who was hired about two days ago, asked to leave her register and go to the store so she could pick up some feminine napkins, adding that she needed them badly. The manager allowed her to go.

About an hour later, the female cashier still hadn't returned. The manager closed down her cash register, counted the money and discovered that $283.27 was missing. The manager added that $39 was missing from the same register on the previous day.

At the McDonald's on Cleveland Avenue a 42-year-old woman was waiting in the drive-thru line in her lavender Ford Aspire. Suddenly, the woman heard a loud pop and then realized that her windshield was damaged. Apparently, her window had been shot by an air rifle loaded with BBs or pellets, according to the police report. The drive-thru window faces an apartment complex on Old Hapeville Road.

A 49-year-old man was talking to his wife while both were sitting in his car at the BP Station on Glenwood Avenue. Suddenly, the wife's ex-husband, a gray-haired man in his 60s, walked up.

The ex-husband reached into his waistband and placed his hand on a gun. "I will kill your goddamn ass," he said to the 49-year-old, and then walked away.

The 49-year-old pointed out to police that he and his wife are now separated. In fact, the wife currently lives with her ex-husband.

A 20-year-old woman said her boyfriend, age 23, came over to her apartment on Maynard Court and gave her daughter an Easter basket. The woman took it away from her daughter, stating that the girl had had too much candy.

She and the boyfriend started to argue. The boyfriend allegedly got mad and struck her several times with a broom handle. She asked him to leave; he walked outside and threw a brick through her window.

The woman refused medical treatment.

Around midnight, an officer saw a 38-year-old man in black sweatpants walking down Claire Drive, pushing a lawnmower.

The officer asked the man who owned the lawnmower. The suspect said he didn't know. He said he was taking the mower down the street. Then, he said he was walking down the street when some guy called him over and told him to walk the lawnmower across the street.

He couldn't explain what he was supposed to do with the lawnmower once he walked it across the street. He was arrested for theft.??

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