The Blotter May 02 2001

A 43-year-old woman owns a six-unit apartment complex on Briarcliff Road. In October 2000, she gave one tenant a 60-day notice to move out. The tenant was a 26-year-old man with brown shoulder-length hair.

The woman said the tenant was three months behind in rent and "his apartment was severely damaged, infested with bugs, manure and trash was everywhere." She added that the tenant's toilet was overflowing due to miscellaneous objects thrown inside (toothbrush, razors, etc.).

In December, the Fulton County Sheriff's Department sent a representative to the apartment to serve the eviction notice, but the tenant had already moved out.

In April, the woman filed a police report listing damages to the apartment, which included a bug-infested dishwasher and stove; a kitchen floor severely stained from manure; burn spots on the wood floor; and carpet and window blinds that were ripped. In addition, the back door, patio door and closet door all were kicked in.

On Hosea Williams Drive, a gray-haired 51-year-old woman in purple pants and a purple shirt got into an unmarked car with two undercover officers.

One officer wrote in his report, "I asked [the woman] what she was doing and she stated what y'all doing. I stated we're just trying to get into something. I stated how much and she stated you name the price. My partner stated it's free then. [She] stated, 'No.' [She] stated it'll be $10 for both head and sex. She stated we could park or go to a house."

The officer drove to a nearby precinct, where the woman was arrested for prostitution. En route to jail, she complained of chest pains, so they took her to Grady Hospital instead.

In a parking lot on Auburn Avenue, an officer saw a Chevy Blazer SUV. Inside were a 42-year-old Gainesville man, who was very drunk, and a woman, age 31.

"I pulled behind the vehicle and observed the female move from the center facing back to the driver's seat and then to the passenger seat," wrote the officer. "Through the side window I observed the male with the 'fly' zipper portion of the pants open and partial penis exposed. And had in plain view a[n] open pornographic magazine. Female appeared to be engaging in sexual act with male in open parking lot."

Both were arrested for public indecency.

An officer saw a 49-year-old woman in a black Mustang stop on the corner Fair and St. Jose streets. A man dressed in all black approached her car. She handed the man several bills, and he returned several minutes later and gave her several small bags.

The woman drove away, and the officer pulled her over on Ashby Street. The woman put the bags in her mouth. The officer told her to get out of the car and open her mouth.

The woman started crying and said she was sorry, and spit out the bags. She begged the officer not to take her to jail because she was a nurse and didn't want to lose her job. She said she is very sick and needs help.

She was arrested for possession of heroin.

A 45-year-old man said he was in the McDonald's on Butler Street at 3 a.m. when he fell asleep due to the medication he had taken earlier. He said he woke up 15 minutes later and discovered that his blue Mitsubishi cell phone had been stolen out of his hand. He looked around and couldn't find the phone.

He said before he fell asleep, he was the last customer inside the McDonald's, so he believes one of the employees took his phone.

Six days later, he bought a new cell phone, but kept his old phone number. Two days later, he said, an unknown man called his phone and threatened to hurt him.

A man went to work at his gas station on Luckie Street and noticed that someone had spray-painted the word "yuck" in blue on the garage door.??

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