The Blotter May 09 2001

On Rawson Street, a 36-year-old man said his live-in girlfriend had been drinking, and when she becomes intoxicated, she gets violent.

The man said he was about to take a shower when she came into the bathroom and started stabbing him in the back with a steak knife. He had stab wounds on his shoulder blade, back and right armpit. He was taken to the hospital.

Police arrested the girlfriend, who denied the stabbing. A six-inch serrated knife, with what was presumed to be blood on it, was found on the bed.

At Underground Atlanta, a 43-year-old woman said she asked another woman, age 25-35, who was wearing combat boots for a church donation. The second woman "suddenly stomped [the 43-year-old woman's] right foot," according to the police report.

The combat-boot wearing suspect fled before police arrived. The 43-year-old woman complained of broken toe bones, and was taken to Grady Hospital.

A 44-year-old man who lives on Hyde Manor Drive went to a police station and wanted to voluntarily turn in his weapon to the Atlanta Police Department. His weapon is a Cobray "street sweeper" 12-gauge shotgun worth $400.

The man said it was too much of a hassle to get the gun registered locally, and to avoid any future problems, he decided to turn it in.

On Meldon Avenue, a 31-year-old woman said she told her husband, age 66, to go get her some food, and he started hitting her with a hammer. The woman sustained minor injuries to the head, foot and knee, but refused medical attention.

An officer was flagged down by a 32-year-old man on James P. Brawley Drive and English Avenue. The 32-year-old said he went to a nearby residence to pick up a woman and take her to work. The 32-year-old was at the home for a few minutes before the woman appeared from a back room. The 32-year-old told the woman to fix her hair.

"Don't yell at me," said the woman.

Another man in the house heard the comment and a verbal spat broke out. The 32-year-old said the second man then jumped on him and stomped him on the head and chest, until the woman intervened. Police couldn't find the second man, and the 32-year-old refused medical treatment.

An undercover officer stopped his car on Boulevard and a 28-year-old woman got in the car.

"She asked how much I was willing to pay her. I asked if $15 was enough. She said if you want to fuck me, you're going to have to go to the store and get a condom. Also she said if I'm going to suck you and we're going to fuck out in the open, you're going to give me $20," the officer wrote in his report.

The officer drove to a nearby precinct where the woman was arrested for prostitution.

A 36-year-old man, tall and with dreadlocks, contacted police to report the theft of his car. The man said he was at a club and someone must have put something in his drink. He said he left the club about 4 a.m. and somehow ended up on Bankhead Highway, and the guy he was with told him to get out of the car. A second person appeared, and the two suspects both got in the car and left.

The 36-year-old told another officer that he was in West End when two guys pointed a gun at him and took his car. He added that it had been 30 days since he used powder cocaine and two weeks since he used marijuana. Police concurred that his story showed signs of deception.

The 36-year-old's car was located, and the two people inside were charged. The 36-year-old couldn't identify either one.

The driver of the car said he got the car from a tall guy with dreadlocks who wanted $20 for powder cocaine. He said he gave the dreadlocked man $20 in exchange for using his car for 45 minutes to pick up some girls. Thereafter, police caught him.

An officer showed the driver a photo lineup, and the driver identified the 36-year-old as the man with whom he traded cash for the use of his car.

The 36-year-old was charged with giving false statements to the police.

The Blotter is taken entirely from Atlanta police reports.??

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