The Blotter August 01 2001

An officer saw a 32-year-old man with dentures kneeling on the eastbound roadway of Decatur Street. The officer approached the man, who then got out of the roadway. The man said everything was OK, he was just in need of a prayer. The officer asked the man if he needed some kind of help. The man said he was OK and got into a car and drove away.

Later, the officer received a call about the same man at the same location. The officer reported, "But this time I was told that the suspect was showing his dick while walking in the street. The caller is a female and said that the suspect was trying to beat his meat."

She said this was in full view of several females and children. The man was arrested for public indecency.

A Powder Springs man said he went with a female to a house on Harwell Road to smoke crack cocaine. After smoking for a while, the woman walked to the man's car and found the title. She came back to the house and said she wanted to buy the car. The man refused.

Then, the woman pulled out a pistol and ordered the man to sign over the title. After seeing the gun, he agreed to sign. She then took his '88 Ford Escort.

The man couldn't tell police the woman's first or last name. He called police from Georgia Regional Hospital.

An officer saw a 39-year-old man from Conley unzip his zipper, pull out his penis and urinate on the side of a building on Marietta Street.

A second officer reported, "By the time I arrived ... he was zipping up his pants and walking away from a fresh wet puddle with the strong scent of urine."

The man was arrested for urinating in public.

A 37-year-old woman on Chappell Road said a male friend knocked on her door in the morning, demanding entry. She let him in the house and fed him fried salmon. After the meal, he demanded sex and offered her drugs. She refused the drugs, but said she is a casual user. She also declined his sexual offer. The man became extremely upset and threw a concrete brick through her front window. No injuries were reported.

An officer responded to a call about a 23-year-old man lying in the street in front of Panther Trail. The officer saw the man lying in the street. The man got up, walked north and jumped a chain-link fence. Then, he lay down in the woods. The officer attempted to communicate with the man, but he refused to talk.

The officer called for additional units. The man jumped back over the fence and sat down on a sidewalk. Extra police and an ambulance arrived. The man told medical personnel that he had been struck in the head by a rock. Later, he said he was knocked out by a rock thrown by two men in a green Ford Taurus. The man was loaded into an ambulance headed for Grady Hospital. En route to Grady, the man jumped out of the ambulance near Cascade Avenue and West Haven.

A search for the man was unsuccessful.

Police received information concerning an abandoned house on Stillman Avenue that was being used for drugs and prostitution. Two officers went to the house and entered via an unlocked door. "Police," the officers announced.

After several minutes, a 38-year-old woman, a 45-year-old man and a 34-year-old man emerged from a back room. First, they said they were watching the house for a man who was renovating it, but none could supply the owner's name. The 34-year-old said he was there because he had been drinking and was in no condition to drive. The woman said they had been drinking and smoking crack.

An abandoned Grand Prix on the property was impounded. "I was advised that prostitutes were using it to turn tricks," the officer noted. Another abandoned house sits next door to the one police investigated. Both were in terrible condition, noted the officer. "The lots are overgrown and being used as toilets for all manner of persons."??

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