The Blotter August 22 2001

An officer saw a 40-year-old Austell man walking down the middle of 6th Street. "He was not using the provided sidewalk," the officer noted. Also, around the same time, a male transvestite got out of a blue pickup truck.

The officer stopped the Austell man and ordered the transvestite back to the truck. The Austell man was carrying a bag, which he put behind the truck. The officer told the man to put his hands where he could see them. The Austell man put the bag on the hood of the truck and appeared to reach for something in his waist area. The officer drew his gun. The Austell man showed his hands, then ran down 6th Street and hid under the deck of a residence. After a struggle, the officer pulled the man out from under the deck. In the process, the man banged his head on the deck and screamed that the officer had knocked his eye out. (A medic determined that the man required a few stitches.)

The officer investigated the Austell man's bag and reported that the bag contained "a large dildo sex toy, some beer and a few other items." The Austell man said he used the dildo on his wife, but admitted that he had picked up the transvestite and allowed the transvestite to perform oral sex on him. The Austell man was arrested for violating pedestrian duties, obstructing an officer and no proof of car insurance.

A 22-year-old woman drove onto Ga. 400 one morning on her way to work. Suddenly, there was an electric-blue jeep next to her car, she said. The driver, a thirtysomething man, was screaming so loud that the woman could hear him over the engine noise, even with her windows rolled up. She reported the following conversation:

"You're gorgeous, do you swing?!" yelled the man.

The woman showed her wedding ring. "No, I'm married," she yelled back.

The man pulled in front of her, then crossed to the lane on her other side. When the woman stopped at the toll plaza, the man yelled, "My wife is beautiful, do you like women?!"

The woman was scared and tried to get away from him and get to work. The man was driving dangerously, she said, and almost caused several wrecks. He followed her to her office building and stayed in the parking lot for a long time. The woman told police she is worried that the man will approach her again.

An 18-year-old woman and a friend were driving along I-75 near the Georgia Tech exit, when a gold Pontiac Grand Am pulled alongside them. A male passenger threw a lit cigarette into her car. The cigarette struck the 18-year-old's chest and shoulder, causing a burn to her skin.

A man called police and reported a trespasser on some property he owned on Juniper Street.

An officer went to the property and found a 35-year-old man lying on the floor. The officer cuffed the man and asked him to put on his shoes. The man refused. The officer emptied out the man's shoes and found a police baton that belonged to the Atlanta Police Department. The man said he had found the item, but didn't know what it was. He said he picked it up because it "looked cool."

The officer asked the man for his name. "I have no name," the man replied.

The residence on Juniper was severely damaged. Someone had punched holes in several walls. The officer noted, "There was human waste throughout the property, along with other garbage. This included condoms, drug items and recently burnt items."

The man was taken to jail.

A supervisor at an industrial site on Brick Plant Drive said he approached an employee, a 44-year-old man, and told him that he needed to wear his hard hat.

The employee got angry and told the supervisor that he needed to wear his hard hat. The supervisor started to walk away. But the employee struck the supervisor's head and hard hat with a large portion of brick. The supervisor tried to run away. The employee threw another piece of brick at him but missed. The employee fled before police arrived.

A 37-year-old woman allowed her brother, 21, and his 5-year-old son to spend the night at her home on McDaniel Street. The next morning, the brother was on the phone. The sister told him to get off the phone and leave the home. He got mad and called her names. He threw the cordless phone at a door.

According to the officer's written report, the sister "told him again to get his thing and leave. He [the brother] said, 'If you touch my thing, I will come back and bust out all the windows, bitch. If you put my thing outside, I will kill you and set your house on fire.' "

The man left with his son, adding that he was going to the park. An officer couldn't find him.

A 29-year-old man on Atlantic Drive said someone stole his mountain bike (a Huffy 10-speed) from his front porch. Apparently as an exchange, the thief left an unknown girl's bike (a purple-and-green Huffy 10-speed) on the porch. The 29-year-old said he has no idea who took his bike, and he doesn't want the girl's bike that was left in its place.

A 22-year-old woman let a stocky man wearing a red hat and red shoes into her female friend's apartment on Delmar Lane. The 22-year-old thought the man was a friend of her female friend. After a while, she asked the man to leave, and he got mad. When she let him out of the apartment, he threw soda on her back and threatened to kill her. He fled before police arrived.??

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