The Blotter September 19 2001

A driver involved in an accident on Pharr Road fled the area and headed down Piedmont Avenue. Police pulled him over and took the driver back to the accident scene. The driver, a rather large 38-year-old man from Decatur, was very drunk. He could barely walk without an officer's assistance. His head was down and his eyes were closed. The officer asked if the driver knew who he was or what had happened. The driver merely grunted. The officer was just about to put the driver in a patrol car when the driver stated, "I have to shit now!

"In fear that the subject would soil himself and my car, the subject was placed in a paddywagon, the officer noted. Employees at the jail tried to administer a Breathalyzer test, but the driver looked at the officer and said, "What about these people?

"What people? asked the officer. The driver just shook his head.

A 28-year-old man on Conley Road said his friend, a 32-year-old bald man, called him in the early a.m. hours of Friday and said he needed a ride somewhere. The 28-year-old complied and drove his friend to his destination. About two hours later, the friend called again and said he was drunk and needed another ride. The 28-year-old said the friend could spend the night on his couch and he would take him home in the morning, on his way to work. The friend agreed.

About 6 a.m., the 28-year-old heard the sound of his car starting. He went to the window and saw his friend driving away in his 2001 silver Chevy Cavalier. The 28-year-old called police and took out a warrant against his friend.

Two security guards at an apartment complex on Mannard Court said they investigated a disturbance at one of the residential buildings. They were confronted by two women. The first woman, age 42, walked outside in a bathrobe and flashed everyone in the building. She seemed drunk. She then punched one of the security guards in the chest. The second woman, in her early 20s, bit the second guard. The two women fled the scene.

At South Fulton Medical Center an officer spoke with a man, age 35, who had been shot in his hand. The man said he was walking along Metropolitan Parkway when another man approached him and said, "Give it up. The 35-year-old said that's when the second man shot him.

As the officer was leaving the hospital, the 35-year-old's mother approached him. The mother believed her son had shot himself in the hand. The son had an argument with his wife earlier in the day. She said her son called her and asked her to pick him up because he had been shot. She found her son at their store on Metropolitan Parkway. The front gate was locked and the son was behind the gate, she told police.

On Delmar Lane, a 32-year-old woman said she and her brother, age 31, got into an argument about watching TV. The brother got mad, pushed his sister onto the bed and started choking her. The brother then turned the TV back on. The sister got up and turned the TV off. The brother grabbed her by the neck and started choking her again. She called police and he fled. The sister didn't sustain any injuries.

A 35-year-old woman said a male acquaintance broke into her home by prying open a side door. The acquaintance, age 51, was discovered by two houseguests who found him hiding in a closet. The acquaintance struck the 35-year-old in the face and then fled. The woman said she found items belonging to the acquaintance in her car, which was parked outside the house.

A 37-year-old man on Stanton Road said his ex-girlfriend calls him several times a day, saying, "I'm going to fuck you up. He said the ex-girlfriend has a handgun and he's afraid of her. He added that he has a court date with the ex-girlfriend later this month because she damaged his property and attempted to run over his present girlfriend with her car. He said the ex-girlfriend drinks and that's usually when she starts calling.

A 20-year-old woman on Bonneville Terrace said her ex-boyfriend started calling her at 8 a.m., and left threatening messages. At 9:45 a.m., he came over to her house. She refused to open the door. So he kicked over her trash can and put a padlock on her mailbox. He fled before police arrived.

At an apartment complex on Ethridge Court, a 21-year-old woman walked by a man. He was wearing a white T-shirt, dark shorts and had a swollen eye.

"Bitch, what did you say? asked the man. The woman had seen the man only a few times before and didn't know what he was talking about. According to the woman, the man pointed a rifle at her and said, "Bitch, you know I've killed someone before. The woman realized he was drunk and slowly walked away and called 911 on her cell phone. She said she was so scared, she urinated on herself.

An officer arrived and approached the man. "It was only a BB gun, said the man, who smelled of booze and was unable to walk without the officer's help. Police were unable to locate the gun.

A 90-year-old woman went to the doctor and when she returned to her home on Holly Street, she discovered that most of her clothes had been stolen. She called police and said her granddaughter, about age 50, is the one who took her clothes.

She said her granddaughter is on drugs and has made a copy of her house keys. The 90-year-old said any time she leaves home, her granddaughter comes in and takes things that don't belong to her.??

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