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The Blotter January 30 2002

A 30-year-old woman on Lynford Drive said a neighbor tossed rat poison into her yard, in an attempt to kill her dogs. She said the neighbor is a 69-year-old man with gray hair and gold teeth. She said another neighbor witnessed the poison toss. She has a history of problems with the first neighbor over the dogs. One animal was already poisoned and died, she said.

The Atlanta Police Gang Unit executed a search warrant at a Grand Avenue residence. During a room-to-room search, officers found a woman asleep in a bedroom, with a poster of Bob Marley on the wall. Another woman, with a sun tattooed on her ankle, was asleep in another room. Both women were placed in flexcuffs and put on the living room floor.
The reporting officer noted, “A piece of paper describing how the girls should search prospective customers was tacked to the right side of the front door. Royale brand condoms were placed in large quantities throughout the house.” In the basement, officers found 25 bicycles, 20 lawn mowers, two new garden tubs and various tools. ?
?In a related search at another residence on Grand Avenue, police seized 1,440 condoms.

At Concourse A at Hartsfield Airport, a 50-year-old woman from Morris, N.J., was inside the restroom when an unknown man grabbed her shopping bag and ran. The bag contained a ceramic lighthouse worth $47.

A male officer reported, “While working an extra job at the church at Peachtree and North Avenue, I slipped the church keys over my OCS container (pepper spray). I had dropped my car keys and bent down to pick them up. One of the smaller keys punched the top of my OCS gas as it sat in its container. I placed the gas container in a plastic bag and put it in the back of my pickup truck. When I went home, I discovered that the bag with the container flew out somewhere on I-75/85.”

On Stovall Street, a 74-year-old woman let a blond woman inside her house to use the bathroom. The elderly woman said while the blond woman was in the bathroom, she stole a bottle of shampoo, perfume, a bottle of lotion and some coins. The elderly woman said she didn’t know the blond woman’s first or last name. But she did know that the blond woman is a prostitute who frequents the area.

On a Saturday night in the Buckhead bar district, a 47-year-old Norcross man met a twentysomething woman with strawberry blond hair. After spending some time with him, she left. Later, the Norcross man noticed that his credit card was missing. Before he closed the account, $1,575 in fraudulent charges had been made.

An officer responded to a fight call at a hotel on Howell Mill Road. A 57-year-old woman, who was very drunk, said she was kicked out of her hotel room yesterday around 11:30 a.m. Having no place to go, she hung around the hotel lobby until that night. Around 2 a.m., a 42-year-old man entered the lobby and got a hotel room from the desk clerk. Then, the man invited the 57-year-old woman up to his room. She accepted.
Once in the room, she drank alcohol on the bed while he smoked crank. After a few minutes, he threw her onto the floor. As he grabbed her, he injured her ribs. According to the 57-year-old woman, he removed $150 from her pants pocket. After taking her money, he threw her out of the room. The officer noted, “She said during the ruckus and her drinking, she apparently passed out and came to around 9 a.m.” The woman was taken to Grady Hospital.

A 36-year-old man said someone broke into his apartment on Lenox Park Boulevard. The only items missing were two crystal liquor decanters (worth $100 each). On his bed in the master bedroom, there was a yellow liquid soaked into the comforter and mattress. The man said a former roommate left a month ago on hostile terms.

A 20-year-old woman on Fairburn Road received threatening phone calls from her ex-boyfriend, age 18. He said, “If I see you anywhere downtown I will slap your head out. You bitch. You smelling whore. I will have some whores jump on you. I will kill you and your children.” She said the ex-boyfriend will kill her because she is not answering her phone.

In November, a 44-year-old woman on Beechwood Hills Court reported that her dog, a 14-year-old female Sheltie called “Lady,” left her back yard while the gate was open. She said Lady is sable and white, with a white collar, and resembles Lassie. Lady has gray eyebrows and one cataract.
Lady went to Northside Office Park, where a security guard took control of her and gave her to a young man from Smyrna, who took Lady home. The 44-year-old put an ad in the lost-and-found section in the newspaper. After returning from a winter vacation, the 44-year-old saw a description of Lady in the “found” section. She called the Smyrna man. “I just gave your dog on Christmas Eve to [another woman],” he said, offering the woman’s phone number. ?
?In a January police report, the 44-year-old said she has talked to the woman five times on the telephone, but the woman refuses to return Lady. Eventually, the woman told the 44-year-old that she had Lady put to sleep at the emergency veterinarian’s office in Cherokee County. But the veterinarian’s office employees said they had no knowledge of Lady being put to sleep. According to the police report, a woman with the Sheltie Rescue of Georgia has knowledge about the woman who currently has Lady. There is no further information.??

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